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Greentea Design's Headboard Ideas

Coziness seems to be less of a problem for bedrooms, as the size of beds increases at the same time as bedroom size decreases. But how do you keep things fresh, add a little bit of art and drama to tight spaces? The answer: make your headboard the focal point of the bedroom. I'm not particularly drawn to traditional headboards; I prefer the idea of creating a look that's a little more unique, more visually interesting and adds some practicality to the space. Whether you're decorating a smaller space or just want to do something a little bit different, steal these ideas for headboard alternatives, all using pieces from Greentea Design's line.

Bookcases and other shelving make a visually interesting choice in place of a traditional headboard. These work particularly well in condos, where bedrooms tend to be smaller and storage space is always in demand.

This look with 2 black asymmetrical shelves is sleek and modern, while offering much needed extra

Making Room for Asian Furniture

Asian furniture has found a place in a lot of modern homes. They have become permanent fixtures that can complement the decor of every room in your house. Asian furniture creates an exotic and elegant look in your home. They are accentuated with luxurious and bold colors like red and gold for a more authentic style. This type of furniture exudes a simple yet graceful flair which can be observed in Greentea Design's collection of contemporary Asian pieces. Our collection of Asian-inspired modern furniture ranges from kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, storage chests and so much more.

Our stunning kitchen pantry cabinets were inspired by the traditional storage chests of Japan. They definitely catch the attention of every person who walks through your kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are the perfect fit for people who enjoy the timelessness of clean lines, graceful colors and exotic beauty of Asian inspired designs. These cabinets give emphasis to the simple beauty that is akin to Asian style.

If you need more storage space for your living space, Greentea offers a wide range of entertainment centers that can accommodate your needs. Our entertainment centers exude strength and power but never lacking the elegance and grace that Asian design is known for. Aside from the design, what's great about our entertainment centers is that they all come with standard holes in the back for you to organize all your wires and cables.

We also carry a variety of storage chests that would fit well in any modern home. You can definitely do a lot with our storage cabinets; you can stack them or separate them, you can also customize the interior shelving and you can even mix and match them with other designs. But what is constant with our cabinets is that they are crafted by master artisans that use traditional Japanese carpentry and skills. They are massive and stylish cabinets that can keep your home clutter-free. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations; complementing the style and space of your homes.

Asian furniture has a natural beauty that is simple yet sophisticated. They are so versatile that they go well with any room design of your house. You can add an Asian flair to your home by choosing from a variety of skillfully crafted and elegantly created storage chests and cabinets from Greentea Design.

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