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Bedroom Step Chests by Greentea Design

The bedroom is one of the places in the home most in need of storage, and a place where harmonious design is the key to a good nights sleep. To this end a step chest makes a great addition. Whether it be as a unique night stand, or more serious storage, the versatility of step chests covers the bases.

The different sized areas throughout a step chest makes it easy to organize socks, underwear, shirts, sweaters and other items that can be folded up and tucked away. Some of the smallest and occasionally hidden away spaces in a step chest can be a welcome home to jewelry or a sewing kit.

Most step chest designs consist of a main cabinet with two step pieces — making them easy to move and reconfigure. The different chests afford different configurations of storage, with some more appropriate for larger items, while others a greater range of smaller stuff. The TV Step is a good option too if you'd like to have a TV hidden away for some late night viewing.

Haru Step

$3500 $2800

Elm Burl Step

$2200 $1760

Big Burl

$3900 $3120

Joy Jones

$2800 $2240

TV Step

$3000 $2400

Small Step

$495 $396

Click an image below for a closer look at each of our bedroom steps

Truly Unique Furniture

Room Divider — With varied storage capacity on both sides and distinctive layouts with endless display possibilities, our Step Chests are perfect room dividers.

Adaptable — Each Step Chest is really three pieces, so you can play around with different configurations as the need or mood takes you.

Varied Storage — The combination of sliding doors and drawers in different configurations makes these Steps at home in almost any room.

History of the Step Chest

The most recognizable piece of Japanese furniture is the Kaidan Dansu or Step Chest. It first appeared in the late 1700s in stores and homes with loft spaces.

The idea was simple -- why not have a staircase that could actually act as storage space as well?

These giant pieces (usually about 7 ft. high) would be constructed by the local carpenter who would build it to the owner’s specifications.

The chests would usually consist of a combination of sliding doors and drawers and different-sized storage spaces.

Then the next clever idea was spawned. Since the government at that time taxed owners on their livable floor space, someone thought of making the step chest in pieces.

The idea was be that when the tax inspector came around, you would simply disassemble your staircase and claim that your loft was only storage and had no permanent access. This worked for a while until, predictably, that loophole was closed.

These antique step chests remain one of the most unique and collectible pieces of Japanese furniture. Because of this, prices remain very high and availability is limited.

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