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Contemporary living room furniture

Living room furniture can consist of virtually any combination of pieces. To narrow your search, just answer the following question:

What kind of living room suits you?

Media Center — The warm solid woods of our TV Stands and Entertainment Centers contrast beautifully with the coolness of today’s technology.

Conversational — These solid-wood coffee tables and end tables are inspired by classic Asian designs, each with a fascinating history.

Open Concept — Perfect for loft living, these contemporary step chests are multipurpose pieces that will divide your space and create visual interest.

Featured Products

Stylish Storage

We have a wide variety of antique and contemporary living room furniture to choose from. View our Asian-inspired bookcases – perfect for displaying your favorite classics with style. These book cases are definitely worth looking at, especially the asymmetrical designs that are sure to cause quite a stir with their striking design and styling.

Check out our Japanese Storage Cabinets; these massive, solid-beam wall units make a strong statement, while keeping your home completely clutter-free. Whether you need to pack away a few bits and bobs, or are literally faced with stowing away your kitchen sink, one of the available sizes and designs will practically do the packing for you.

The above is all well and good, but you say you want an item that's truly unique? Be sure to take a look at the step chests. These are modern adaptations based on centuries old traditional Japanese designs. Featuring the famous Japanese joinery, excellent iron and brass hand forged hardware, these exclusive designs are some of our most popular offerings.

Customizable Designs:

Many of our contemporary pieces allow you to choose your own hardware and stain. This way you can have the exact combination of styling you want when designing your living area.

Beyond these standard alterations you may request additional customization to your pieces. Simply let us know what you would like to see done and we will make our best effort to see that your vision becomes reality. Keep in mind that there are certain constraints and fees that may apply to what can be done to pieces. Some changed can be made by our in house carpenter, while others can be custom ordered from our factory.

View Living Room suites:

Zen Living suite
Traditional Living suite
High End Furniture Open Concept suite
Miyamoto suite

On Living Rooms

The living room has long been a traditional fixture in Western homes. In many homes the living room was at one time a place for the nicest furniture, generally off limits to pets and children, if not everyone unless the family was formally entertaining guests. In these homes a separate family room or den would be where day to day living was done.

Throughout the 1900's the contemporary norm for homes gradually changed. As suburbia grew and more middle-class people could afford a home with a white picket fence, two car garage and colour television, the idea of what a living room should be changed too.

The living room has now become the center for entertaining as well as entertainment in the home on a day to day basis. As such, stylish yet practical furniture is a must for a successful living experience.

When entertaining most people do not want a massive TV as the centerpiece to the room so the choice of entertainment center is an important one (with the exception of the new slim plasma and LCD designs which can blend in unobtrusively and look excellent atop a good TV stand). If you are really into audio / video technology, having a well designed piece of furniture to accommodate all the equipment gives you both the easy access and organization you need to get the most out of them.

In the loft style spaces that are becoming increasingly popular, the responsibility falls to furniture instead of walls to divide a space in kitchen, dining and living areas. Many traditional types of furniture simply do not accommodate these concerns in their design. We have embraced these needs and offer items like the step chests that have double sided drawers and doored compartments, making them perfect places to both store and display items while dividing a large space naturally.

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