Designing Your Bathroom and Shower Room

A modern bathroom creates an appealing environment in any household. In most instances, a bathroom is the first place a homeowner will think of renovating even before considering upgrading a kitchen. One of the reasons why a bathroom will be refurbished more regularly compared to other areas is because space is usually smaller and the cost is less. If you are planning to overhaul a bathroom, it is worthwhile to understand some details right. Some working is also important so that you know what to expect instead of getting something totally different from the first picture.

Designing Your Bathroom and Shower Room

Just before you start working on a design idea, it is important to figure out exactly what you want to achieve in this remodeling work. Other considerations such as the color and types of showerheads may come later. Perhaps you want a bathroom where you can relax comfortably for a warm shower inside a free-standing bathtub. On the other hand, you may want to create a more spacious bathroom to meet the demands of your increasing family. These are some of the things you need to ponder as you plan to start the bathroom remodeling work. Therefore, spare some of your precious time to come up with a killer idea about the main purpose and the additional features that should be included.

Features and Factors to Consider

Designing Your Bathroom and Shower Room 2

First, consider the right bathroom layout. This is important in order to create a comfortable and functional shower room with the correct ambiance, practicality, and flow. Sometimes the process of deciding on the suitable layout may not be an easy task, especially if you are not skilled in the area of bathroom remodeling. So, do not hesitate to speak with a professional bathroom remodeler or an architect who has been handling similar projects for years. There are many bathroom floor plans, but not all plans may fit your needs given the nature of the plumbing system. So, think about the features you want such as natural light, flow, and convenience.

The second aspect is the shower, which has other smaller factors that are important too. Here you need to consider the types of showerheads to install, bearing in mind there are many models available to choose from. There is a cost implication when it comes to selecting showerheads, and perhaps you need something of good quality at the best market price. If you want a showerhead for less than $200, rain shower heads can be the best option. They offer a great shower experience with a rainfall effect, unlike the other showerheads with a vertical water jet. Most of the spas treatment facilities have rain shower heads in their bathroom because they feel and look pretty.

modern bathtub in your bathroomThird, you need a modern bathtub in your bathroom. Interestingly, there are many bathtub designs available to select. You can find the freestanding models, which are unique on their own. If your bathroom seems smaller even after remodeling, it is advisable to go for the recessed version because these ones consume less space. However, the bathtubs have revolutionized because there are models suitable for aged and disabled individuals. For those who are looking for something luxurious to increase their shower experience, a Jacuzzi model can do the trick.

Fourth, check what fixtures and fittings to have. These may include things like the type of faucets, taps, towel rails, and frameless shower screens among other items. The fittings must be practical and able to complement the overall design of the bathrooms. You can find as many models of sink faucets or taps, which come in different materials such as brass, chrome, stainless steel, and gold. The choice may depend on the space of the kitchen and your budget too. The bathtub, showerheads, and toilet should be practical and balance the appeal of the bathroom.

Fifth, consider high-quality tiles because they play an integral role in determining the ambiance and look of the bathroom. Remember, tiles are for two uses. There are those designed for flooring and those for walls. Look for tiles with special features so that your bathroom stands out from the rest. Even your guests will appreciate your style of uniqueness. It is also important to understand that choosing the right tiles is not a walk in the park. You need to do a lot of homework before getting the option. You need to think about the ambiance you want to establish in the bathroom, the color scheme, and the size of tiles required for your bathroom. In addition, the material is also vital. You can choose glass, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, or clay, depending on your preferences.

Lastly, do not forget about the lighting because it creates a refreshing environment. Whether you are going for the LED lighting, it is important to have light fixtures that can provide clear illumination. A bathroom is a place where you can comfortably relax while enjoying a calming shower. Again, ensure the light fixtures are waterproof.

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