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How do I get started? Watch this quick guide to find out how we can help you take your ideas and turn them into your own Mizuya Kitchen.

"The beauty of solid wood... massive beams of reclaimed Elm and Ginkgo are used to build all our cabinets..."

A look at one of our kitchens in a beautiful Victorian setting on HGTV's Kitchen Equipped.

"The cabinets are straight out of the history books. They are based on the Japanese Mizuya, and they are a great balance of sliding doors and drawers..."

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Dale Storer: The kitchen is Asian style, and it is a free standing Kitchen. When Dee and Terry were planning this project they did not want a fitted kitchen, and they came to us when we had just brought in a new line of cabinets. Together we worked out a way to do them freestanding, and to make the whole kitchen.

The home owners are great cooks, and it is a very practical kitchen that it is used all the time.

The center island is very accessible. They went with Corian countertops, because if you are in a usable kitchen your going to work it hard - and it's a great surface. It has a cantalever over one side so you can tuck the fabulous asian bar stools underneath.

With the knives we went with a magnetic strip so they are not hidden away in a cupboard. You're constantly using them and they make a nice aesthetic as well.

The fridge had to be very narrow and tall, which is not a North American style. So they chose a European style fridge.

The cabinets are straight out of the history books. They are based on the Japanese Mizuya, and they are a great balance of sliding doors and drawers. These cabinets here are twenty six inches deep, and they even have great little things like chopstick drawers, and the wood is a very very warm color which contrasts the stainless steel appliances.

They didn't try and cram cupboards in every available space. You see the open walls, and they even have room for the fabulous treadmill, because as Dee said: "what the heck else are you going to do while you are waiting for the water to boil?".

The lighting is great. Its on a big curved track and its divided up on different circuits, so that you can have what is called task lighting. So depending on the mood, or depending on what you're doing, what you're chopping pr what station you're at, you can light up that particular area.

One important thing you can take from this kitchen is to not be afraid of a freestanding kitchen, don't get bullied into always doing a fitted kitchen. And show the things that you have, because they have a beauty of their own.

Dale Storer: The beauty of solid wood - the clean lines of Japanese design. For over 10 years, we have been building these stunning kitchen cabinets for our customers across America

With many doors styles and custom options to choose from, we can help you realize your ultimate kitchen design. Here's what you can expect from Greentea's cabinets. Massive beams of reclaimed elm and gingko wood are collected from structures over 100 years old and used to build all our cabinets. This guarantees your cabinet's stability and longevity. We use no MDF, particleboard or veneers.

It all starts when you schedule a meeting with your architect, designer or contractor to go over your project details. This will ensure that all your requirements and specifications are taken into account before the major planning begins.

Your floorplans are the key to designing your kitchen. They are used to calculate what size and specification of cabinets will work in your space. Once we both determine what works best for your space, we are ready to plan your cabinetry.

The style of your cabinet doors will determine the overall look of your kitchen. By using our interactive guide you can see all your options in a realistic setting, making it easy to see how your final choice will look.

Once you have confirmed your door styles, we can generate a comprehensive quote for you. This quote will include all your cabinetry, keeping in mind that appliances, counters and installation are additional costs.

After the quote has been approved, and a 50% deposit is placed, we provide 3 dimensional drawings for each piece. These are confirmed by you, and then passed on to our cabinet builders so that every detail is assured.

Your design has now become reality. The Greentea Mizuya Kitchen. For more inspiration, browse our website.