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The Pacific Kitchen Island

Price of Island Cabinetry: $14,150

To end this side of the island, a tall glass display cabinet is used. It comes up to the full height of the bar, continuing the counter along that side. The glass doors are ideal for display.

These large drawer cabinets offer an immense amount of storage space that slides out for easy access. They provide the main counter space on the kitchen side of the island and bring the counters to a height that lines them up with the stove top in the middle.

This cabinet was designed specifically to accommodate the Wolf 48" Stove top that sits on top of it. The sliding Mizuya doors underneath add additional storage for pots and cookware.

The Pacific Kitchen Island

Price of Island Cabinetry: $14,150

This cabinet has a 4" post on the left side, while the post on the right is 2". When the cabinets are placed together these smaller frames align seamlessly, making it look like a single cabinet.

The tall doors of the cabinets make them easily accessible even when placed back from bar's counter. This middle cabinet has 2" posts on both side continuing the seamless look.

This cabinet has a 4" beam on the far right side to end off the set, completing the visual effect that makes the 3 cabinets appear as one. A space is left behind them that is covered over by countertop. This allows for the oven's gas and power to be easily installed and also provides space for plumbing if a sink were to be installed.

The Pacific Kitchen Island

Price of Island Cabinetry: $14,150

The cabinet was created for the far side of the island, and creates a third level for this multi-level island design. The line of drawers only goes as far as the bar cabinets before dropping down to the lower level.

This custom panel was created to support the counter-top's overhang for the bar area. It has 4" beams top and bottom to preserve the visual flow of the bar cabinet's larger beams.

Custom panels can be made in almost any shape and can either be made to look like the side of a cabinet or the front. False front panels can be used to hide a dishwasher or bridge a gap.

The Loft Kitchen Island

Price of Island Cabinet: $3000

A 7' double-sided cabinet is used for the island in the Greentea Loft Kitchen. It is topped with a solid piece of Corian countertop which has an extended overhang on one side to allow for seating. The drawers slide out either side of the island for easy access and both sides have 4 sliding doors. Extended beams on either end add visual flair

The Chalet Chic Island

Total Price of Island Cabinets: $5080

This multi-piece island incorporates quite a few great features. It has both a dishwasher and trash compactor on the kitchen side, as well as a sink in the central cabinet. The opposite side of the island has a glass display cabinet looking onto the dining area, and a large overhang with stools. A custom Dana Tea Chest ends the far side of the island for some easily accessed open storage.