Kitchen Cabinets for the Asian Bistro
Price of Cabinetry: $10,040

This unique kitchen sets the mood with chocolate-stain Elm cabinetry, chandelier lighting, dark floors and countertops, and a large Dana Cabinet on a mirrored wall. The island separates the kitchen from the living room and houses a swivel TV which can face either the cook or the living room sofa. After initial planning and phone consultations about the client's storage and decor preferences, we created 3D draft visualizations of all the custom cabinetry.

Click here to see a slideshow of the individual pieces in the kitchen, how they were customized, and what they cost, or choose another suite from the options below.

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Custom Kitchen Counters - $3290

Figure A1- $1200 - A 36" wide counter with chopstick drawers comes out of the corner and sits back to back against a custom Lattice TV Stand which faces the living room.

Figure A2 - $2090 - A 66" 4 Drawer kitchen counter runs between the dishwasher and the corner base cabinet / TV stand combo.

A Granite countertop sits on top and seamlessly covers both counters.

Dana Wall Cabinet - $1500

Figure B1 - $1500 - A 5 foot long Dana Wall Cabinet has been hung on a mirrored wall to dramatic effect.

The Dana Wall Cabinet can give even small rooms an open feeling while proudly displaying glassware

Custom Cabinets - $3350

Figure C1 - $2500 - This custom 7.5’ tall pantry fits neatly in the corner, providing extra storage for canned good, dried foods and other necessities.

Figure C2 - $950 - This counter-height cabinet is perfect for bridging the gap between appliances, while adding the perfect place to store your baking trays and cutting boards.

Custom Lattice TV Stand - $1800

Figure D1- $1800 - This custom Lattice TV Stand acts as a room divider between the living area and kitchen. It was built to be the same height as the counter which sits a step down, at its back.

A dark granite countertop covers both the counter and TV Stand for a seamless look. It is customized with Burl fronts, 4" narrower width, 6" shallower depth and 5.5" greater height.