Kitchen Cabinets for the Chalet Chic
Price of Cabinetry: $14,800

This large open concept kitchen was designed with the floor-to-ceiling windows as a focal pont, letting the flood of light play on the cabinetry.

A large central island was constructed from five separate custom cabinets and finished with a solid granite counter, while several custom cupboards were designed to surround the oven.

Click here to see a slideshow of the individual pieces in the kitchen, how they were customized, and what they cost, or choose another suite from the options below.

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Custom Kitchen Storage - $6320

Figure A1 - $2800 - This spacious pantry was designed to fit snugly between the fridge and the wall to maximize storage space.

Figure A2 - $1870 - A base cabinet was designed to fit flush with the fridge. It combines a set of small and large drawers and features a spacious storage area below.

Figure A3 - $1650 - On the same wall as the fridge is a large Dana Wall Cabinet. It is ideal for displaying select items while keeping others hidden, yet handy.

Custom Stove Cabinets - $3200

Figure B1 - $1600 - A cabinet was needed for either side of the range. The cabinet to the left includes a built in tray cabinet for some convenient storage.

Figure B2 - $1600 - The cabinet on the right side of the range was built to include a set of smaller drawers as an ideal place for chopsticks and take out menus.

Custom Kitchen Island Exterior - $2500

Figure C1 - $1400 - A glass cabinet makes for some stunning display space next to the seating area on the far side of the island.

Figure C2 - $1100 - One of our Dana shelves was adapted to house a microwave oven, and finishes off the end of island with larger beams around the outside.

Custom Kitchen Island Interior - $2580

Figure D1 - $1260 - Five cabinets come together to make up the island. This one has extended beams on the left to support the granite counter overhang.

Figure D2 - $1320 - This custom middle cabinet was the perfect solution for having a trash compactor and dishwasher located on either side. The beams were made flush with the counter for seamless integration with the appliances.