Kitchen Cabinets for the East-West Fusion Kitchen
Price of Cabinetry: $10,590

The design of this kitchen is a perfect marriage of modern and traditional elements. High quality stainless steel appliances and matching lighting provide a strong contrast to the solid wood cabinets and clean white countertops.

The owner wanted an open freestanding look, in which maximum storage was not the first consideration. The look is clean and spacious and it allowed room in the centre for a table.

Click here to see a slideshow of the individual pieces in the kitchen, how they were customized, and what they cost, or choose another suite from the options below.

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Custom Kitchen Counters - $3300

On either side of the stove are two very similar cabinets, both featuring Iron Warabite hardware and Mizuya style doors. They are topped with a solid-surface white countertop with a backsplash.

Figure A1 - $1650 - This Base Cabinet features extended beams on the right side where it is open to the living room. The left side of the cabinet is flush to make it sit nicely beside the range.

Figure A2 - $1650 - Sitting in front of the kitchen's window is the central Base Cabinet of the kitchen. It was modified on site to accomodate an undermount sink, faucet, and associated plumbing. The two drawers in front of the sink were turned into false panels to retain the look of the cabinet.

Upper and Base Cabinets - $4540

Figure B1 - $1540 - This slightly smaller Base Cabinet sits flush against the fridge. It features a set of 3 smaller drawers in place of the third drawer that would normally take their place. These are a great addition for cutlery and other small items.

Figure B2 - $3000 (all three) - Three Mizuya style Wall Cabinets come together to create some easily accessed storage. The layout of two single door cabinets and one double door cabinet make it much easier to get into them over the counter top. They proudly show off their natural wood grain, while the round iron hinges and iron rivets add some visual flair.

Mizuya Pantry - $2750

Figure C1 - $2750 - This elegant cabinet is right out of the Japanese history books. The style has been used for centuries due to its handsome presence and wonderfully varied storage.