Kitchen Cabinets for the Greentea Loft Kitchen
Price of Cabinetry: $22,850

The latest step in the evolution of our showroom kitchen, this kitchen showcases a creative combination of our newest uppers.

Quartz countertops combine seamlessly over the two kitchen counters, while the Mizuya Island features an overhang for a quick bite to eat. The rice-paper covered panel provides visual interest while secluding the kitchen from the rest of the showroom.

Click here to see a slideshow of the individual pieces in the kitchen, how they were customized, and what they cost, or choose another suite from the options below.

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Custom Pantry Unit: $5100

To take advantage of our loft space, we wanted to add extra height while still keeping the pantry and fridge together as a functional unit. Choose a link or an image below for more information about the piece.

Figure A1 - $3000
A Konoha Pantry was custom built to match our fridges depth and height.

Figure A2 - $1700
A custom half-Mizuya was built to fit neatly on top.

Figure A3 - $400
To complete the look, a custom side panel was built to align perfecly with the top half of the pantry unit.

Custom Kitchen Counters / Island $9350

This closeup details how we work with corners, as well as showing a large kitchen island with overhang. Countertops not included. Choose a link or an image below for more information about the piece.

Figure B1 - $3050 - A 77.5" 4 Drawer counter ($2750) runs between the corner and the fridge - it features 3 smaller drawers for small storage. A panel ($300) was made for the corner to align the beams.

Figure B2 - $3300 - A 91.5" long counter goes between the dishwasher and stove. A Granite sink is placed within (hole for sink is cut locally).

Figure B3 - $3000 - An 84" island features a granite overhang for quick dining. The drawers and doors can be accessed from either side.

Custom Kitchen Uppers - $8400

Two rows of custom uppers make a bold statement while providing excellent storage.

Figure C1 - $3400 - A row of custom Dana Wall Cabinets are stacked above. The combination of open and closed spaces adds a Japanese flair to the kitchen.

Figure C2 - $5000 - A pair of 4' hinged Glass Upper Cabinets flank a 3' Dana Wall Cabinet providing easy access to regularly-used items.