Kitchen Cabinets for the Zen Modern
Price of Cabinetry: $14,700

In this kitchen, we worked with a Manhattan-based kitchen designer to create custom cabinets that would fit his client's smaller space perfectly.

After some planning and phone consultations about their storage and decor preferences, we worked with the designer and decided on several custom pieces.

Click here to see a slideshow of the individual pieces in the kitchen, how they were customized, and what they cost, or choose another suite from the options below.

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First Group of Custom Cabinets - $7400

This slide shows the base cabinets on one side of the U-shaped kitchen.

Figure A1- $3800 - This large upper unit consists of a 5' three door Yoko Upper ($2200) and a sliding door 2.5' Glass Upper ($1600).

Figure A2 - $1900 - A 4.5' two drawer counter runs from the wall to the dishwasher with the Mizuya facing.

Figure A3 - $600 - This custom Mizuya facing was designed to conceal the dishwasher. It is 3/4" thick.

Figure A4 - $1100 - This counter-height cabinet sits at the edge of the kitchen and features 3 large drawers for added storage.

Second Group of Custom Cabinets - $7300

Figure B1 - $1200 - A custom 2 Drawer counter with legs connects the 2 sides of the kitchen.

Figure B2 - $1100 - A custom Dana with sliding doors hangs above.

Figure B3 - $900 - A custom cabinet sits on top of the fridge. Access is granted by use of a lift-up door.

Figure B4 - $1600 - A custom Lattice Upper sits on top of the counter.

Figure B5 - $2500 - This 6' Mizuya Base Cabinet acts as the base to the custom Lattice Upper, and provides extra counter space.

Custom Kitchen Uppers - $8400

Two rows of custom uppers make a bold statement while providing excellent storage.

Figure C1 - $3400 - A row of custom Dana Wall Cabinets are stacked above. The combination of open and closed spaces adds a Japanese flair to the kitchen.

Figure C2 - $5000 - A pair of 4' hinged Glass Upper Cabinets flank a 3' Dana Wall Cabinet providing easy access to regularly-used items.