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Kitchen hutches by Greentea Design

Hutches and china cabinets are distinguished pieces that add valuable storage and display space to your kitchen, dining room, or anywhere else you need the style and utility these impressive pieces have to offer.

Our antique hutches are exquisite pieces, highly desirable for the look of their naturally aged wood, and the exceptionally high quality of the workmanship.

The Mizuya Kitchen Hutch is a version of our Mizuya Pantry with a glass top. It is available in many different sizes and layouts.

Our china cabinets are contemporary interpretations of the traditional Japanese kitchen chests. They share the same minimal yet powerful presence as their ancestors, but have been given glass cabinets for visible and handy storage.

Mizuya Hutch

starting from $2500 starting from $2000

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Hutches: Then and Now

Cabinetry has a long history in both the East and West, and the one prevailing feature world-wide was that the focus was on the cabinet-maker, and your relationship with him.

The rich would contract a chest from prestigious craftsmen, and it would be designed to the client’s tastes. The antique hutches and china cabinets we have acquired were such pieces, originating in China in the early 1900’s. The hutch and china cabinet has been and continues to be a fixture in many homes around the world. Filled with the finest china and handcrafted by the best artisans, it is a pillar of pride for its owner.

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