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Small Wine Coolers Ideas & Office Kitchen Furniture

If you are a wine connoisseur, probably you store several reds and whites in your office kitchen. It feels nice when your guests are sipping a glass of wine as you share a bit of conversation, perhaps opening or closing a business deal. However, having some good wine is not just enough for the visitors.

Office Kitchen Furniture

They deserve high-quality furniture as they enjoy their favorite drink. These could be bar chairs and tables, which should be complemented by attractive wine cooler cabinets. If you are planning to redesign your office kitchen, such furniture should be taken into consideration.

There are many cabinets on the market today but come in different styles. Most of them feature adequate space and ideal temperature for all types of wines. They have cubby racks for storing bottles, beautiful lighting, and cupboards for wine glasses. Your friends who like the burgundy drinks will be enjoying happy moments in your office kitchen. Small wine coolers make the best pick for storing the great drinks since they come with several compartments for wine bottles, as well as specialized rooms to put other accessories that are required by all wine aficionados. Read more on wine cooler lab.

The culture of wine dates back to many years ago when wine creators used to store it in dedicated traditional gourds. Even today, wine cooler cabinets designed using wood material creates a unique sense of an office kitchen. There are other stylish cabinets with wine coolers, which also come with additional features such as granite top decors. In addition, others come with two independently operated refrigerated cabinets capable of storing wine at the most appropriate temperature ranging from 53 degrees Fahrenheit and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Interestingly, they are thermoelectric wine coolers suitable for energy efficiency usage.

Size of Wine Cooler Cabinet

 wine cooler cabinets Of course, a small wine cooler is fit for storing a few bottles only for you. But there comes a time when you need to have enough stock for you and your visitors. Wine coolers are available from those slimlines, 6-bottle 300mm that can fit into small spaces of your kitchen, to those coolers with a capacity of holding more than 200 bottles of whites and reds. Also, there are those models that combine freezer and regular fridge with a specialized storage for wines.

Your small office kitchen may not need a big wine cooler. If you are a newbie to the world of wine, a 6 to 18-bottle wine cellar capacity may be enough. For those serious drinkers, such a wine cooler may not be sufficient. Therefore, a 40-bottle capacity wine cooler can do the trick. As you shop around for a new wine cooler, remember that the capacity is determined by how many bottles of Bordeaux it can hold. If you want to store Burgundy or Champagne, your new wine cooler is likely to hold enough bottles for that case. However, it will be practical to choose a wine cooler with taller shelves and wider racks to store larger bottles.

Aspects to Ponder in a Wine Cooler

Aspects to Ponder in a Wine CoolerWhat if you have bought a new wine cooler cabinet, where do you keep it? The wine cooler itself must be placed away from extreme temperature sources. Another amazing thing with wines, excessive vibrations usually damage its quality. This means you need to keep a wine cooler in a quiet room, especially away from the living area. More importantly, ensure that the wine cooler is far away from the oven. If possible, keep it away from any room that is subject to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Remember, a wine cooler will need ample space at the rear, around sides, and top to allow free circulation of air. So, this should be factored during the planning process. Lastly, ensure it is not placed at the window where direct sunlight penetrates.

Before choosing a new wine cooler, it is important to think about accessibility. Glass doors are always the best because you can see the type of wine to pick or just look at your stock before opening the door. The glass doors with the UV protection coating are also vital when it comes to preservation of your treasured investment. The light can degrade the quality of the wine, and that is why all wine bottles are dark. Therefore, ensure that the glass door has UV protective properties, especially if the kitchen allows a lot of sunlight. Apart from the glass doors, there are other wine coolers with solid doors but they have UV protective coating too. Not only do they help in better wine preservation, but also offer proper insulation.

Another important aspect to consider in wine coolers is the multi-zone feature. This is crucial if you are looking for a unit to store different kinds of wine at different temperatures. Those wine coolers with this feature allow storage of whites and reds at ready-to-serve condition within the same unit. So, you may choose a unit capable of keeping your wine at different temperatures in different compartments. Basically, these units have a cooler section and warmer section at the bottom and top respectively.


Modern Kitchen Ideas

Ultra Modern Kitchen Ideas to Consider

A significant number of moms out there can agree with me that they spend some of their unforgettable time in the kitchen. This illustrates clearly how important a kitchen can be, especially for a modern family where food is served and the members sit together to share lovely stories. So we can deduce that a kitchen is an integral room in any contemporary home. Nowadays, when designing a new modern house you need to remember factoring in a few vital kitchen ideas. Even an old kitchen can be refurbished to create a more appealing space, which your guests must appreciate. Thus, it is imperative to pay attention to specific fine details when it comes to modern kitchen designing.

Modern Kitchen Ideas


As much as you want a creative design, it is advisable to choose one that suits your house. Remember houses are different. What may suit this house may not be a perfect choice for the other. You might spend weeks or months browsing hundreds of websites looking for design ideas only to realize there is no single design that matches your taste. However, keeping in mind that every house has its own need will help you come up with a unique design only for you. Therefore, every homeowner out there should understand kitchen ideas may largely differ from one house to another.

Kitchen Ideas to Consider Based on Fixtures

There are many kitchen ideas, but we are going to look at the most basic ones.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are among the many things that are essential. They need to be designed to accommodate all utensils, especially those that are frequently used by the family members. This makes your kitchen to appear presentable as well as creating a place that is easy-to-work from. Don’t forget that all family members will be accessing the room frequently, and therefore they deserve an easy time when locating a particular item. As I said earlier, kitchen spaces are different in terms of space and shape. If you have a small kitchen room, ensure that the cabinets are relatively small to avoid occupying a big space for other items. Let them be designed to fit all the frequently used utensils in a compressed manner.

Kitchen Color

Kitchen ColorThis is one of the hardest decisions to make when designing a kitchen. However, it is an easy task as long as you know what you want and what a modern kitchen entails. For your information, a modern kitchen should have some bright color that leaves an impact on your guests’ minds. Even those living in the house should feel the brunt as they interact with space. Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out which bright color works best and which does not work. If you are stuck somewhere trying to pick the color of your new kitchen, do not hesitate to contact a local interior designer to assist where necessary. A professional who has been operating in the industry for several years must offer an ultimate solution.

Kitchen Gadgets

In every modern home, kitchen gadgets have a role to play when designing your kitchen. The choice of gadgets to choose may have an impact on the final results. Apart from having just the typical gadgets, ensure that you choose the newest ones that will complement the new kitchen. Buy the latest mixer, blender, and chopping gadget. These not only make your cooking experience smarter but also add a sense of upgrading to a modern house. If you have a small kitchen, it may appear overcrowded after bringing in the gadgets. Therefore, look for a hidden place to place them to allow bigger items to take ample space.

Kitchen Faucets

It is not an easy thing to achieve an ideal look in your new kitchen, especially if the kitchen faucets are not complementing with the surrounding. A faucet can either lift or fail your kitchen, and therefore you need to compare different faucet models before making a final decision. There are several modern options to choose from, and not every version will suit your kitchen. However, some models such as Moen, Delta, Kohler, and Kraus can offer a significant range of selection. Based on the color of the kitchen and the surrounding materials, you can choose a spot to resist stainless, chrome, Bronze, or Matte black options. Read more on

Kitchen Furniture

A modern kitchen must have essential furnitures such as chairs and tables. However, you don’t just buy any furniture before considering their functionality. In addition, you need also to put in mind the space available for such items. The functionality will help you in finding the most ergonomic ones that can offer the best comfort for your family and even guests. When it comes to space aspect, choose what can comfortably fit into the available space. If space is smaller, go for small dining tables and chairs.

Tension Rod

Organizing Under Counter of Your Kitchen

The space under the kitchen sink is less utilized in many houses. Perhaps, you have been hassling here and there trying to place some gadgets right behind the kitchen door. Some of you have just remembered the existence of this unused space, and probably you are anxious to read this article. Of course, you are likely to learn something new about it. I have been visiting many friends’ houses and always see the space kept empty. Maybe, some of you have never imagined of placing items underneath the sink simply because there is a drainage pipe leading to the main drain!

Did you know that the space under the kitchen sink can be used appropriately and make your small kitchen appear big? Let us look at the options on how you can make use of that space.


In this option, we shall discuss briefly the ways to utilize the space under the kitchen sink.

Create Storage Space

spaceYou can create storage space underneath the kitchen sink as easy as you need it. It is a simple task that may not require a professional carpenter. With a few cardboards and 2-inch nails, you can make one or two shelves and a hinged door, and then put a few items such as mixers, flour containers, or packets of teabags. It will also be easy to access by just opening the door.

Put A Few Clear Bins

The vertical shaped space under your kitchen sink can be suitable for storing relatively large transparent bins in which you can put some sachets and small packets of spices. Since space is limited, the see-through bins allow easier selection of what you want. Also, you can place the cotton balls or sponges in the bins to allow enough space on the countertop.

Put Away Bottles from the Countertop

Some bottles containing washing products that are not used regularly can be placed under the countertop. Even other items that may not be affected by drops of water can be kept under the sink to allow more space on the countertop.

Put a Tension Rod

Tension RodThis awesome for hanging smaller bottles that are overcrowding in your kitchen cabinets. This is a suitable option to decongest your kitchen since those small items tend to follow when you are picking something behind. To avoid this frequent disappointment, clear the cabinets off the small items and hang them on the tension rod you just put under the kitchen sink.

Put the Serviettes Aside

If you have been thinking of placing the extra serviettes away from the cabinets, the space under the kitchen sink is ideal for that purpose. You can put them in a small cart, and then place it under the kitchen sink’s space.

Tuck Frequently Used Items

For instance, a spice rack containing items that are used frequently can be tucked under the kitchen sink space. These are usually small racks, and probably you can place at least two of them. You will also be decongesting the kitchen space.


The other option is installing a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink. This not only decongests your kitchen but also helps to supply clean and safe drinking water. For the installation process, you can seek professional assistance if you are not sure how to go about it. The tools required for the project include a 4-in-1 screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a knife. On the other, you will need two materials; a reverse osmosis filter system and a low-pressure tire gauge. Water filter mag is a good resource to choose the top reverse osmosis filters on the market.

Reverse Osmosis System Installation Process

  • Start by hanging the filter assembly on a side wall, at the back of the sink base, or on the basement near the sink. The filter assembly should be at a height specified in the installation manual. Ensure that both the cold and hot water shutoffs are turned off. Start installing the saddle or tee valve included with the filter.
  • Check the color-coded water line and ensure it is above the countertop base such that it cannot be kinked. Secure the tubing (plastic tubing) to the water supply valve.
  • Shorten both the waste and water supply lines to a faucet in order to get rid of additional tubing, however, do not cut the bigger waste line (black line). Now connect the lines to the fittings located on the faucet base. You can see the black waste lines are connecting through the faucet base in order to keep them above any feasible backups of the sink, though they have no link to the water supply.
  • Secure the faucet to the kitchen sink, and then install the adapter of the drain line below the sink basket. You need to cut the waste drain line to allow flowing downhill without issues of loops. Push the line into the adapter.
  • Set a storage tank in position, and then install the final water supply line. Use the manufacturer’s manual to sterilize and fill the system.