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Contemporary sideboards by Greentea Design

A grand dining room needs a sideboard to match.

Our Mizuya pantries are the inspiration behind a number of our contemporary sideboards. These combine various aspects of full sized Mizuyas with a flat finished top to create a handsome buffet.

Also featured are our contemporary dining sideboards, part of our Kuryo Collection. This distinct line is characterized by its sleek and satin-smooth black lacquer finish.

The contemporary sideboards offer a good variety of choices, but for an even greater selection, make sure that you take a look at our selection of antique sideboards.

Katashi Sideboard

starting from $1800 starting from $1440

Lattice Sideboard

starting from $1375 starting from $1100

Moriko Sideboard

starting from $1375 starting from $1100

Midori Sideboard

starting from $1375 starting from $1100

Kasumi Sideboard

starting from $1800 starting from $1440

Misaki Sideboard

starting from $1375 starting from $1100

Mariko Sideboard

starting from $1375 starting from $1100

Click an image below for a closer look at each of our contemporary sideboards

A sideboard is often the key component to successfully decorating and furnishing a dining room.

It provides essential storage space for items like linen, fine china and cutlery. The top of a sideboard is a wonderful place to display flower arrangements, art work or simply the excess of dishes created by a substantial feast. For those really big occasions where a sit down meal is not an option, a sideboard is a great place to put all the implements required for people to pick up before making their way around the food offered.

Our sideboards come in a wide range of styles. Whether you are after a clean, simple look for an austere dining experience, or have a love for detailed artwork and exotic designs, one of the contemporary or antique sideboards is sure to be the perfect match.

Sideboards are multi-functional pieces of furniture. The traditional use is in the dining room, but they can be used in many other ways.

One popular modification is turning a sideboard into a vanity. Many of these have a design that would permit plumbing to be installed and a bowl sink placed on top. Instead of the cookie-cutter fixed cabinets you can have a beautiful antique or contemporary piece in your bathroom.

A hall or entranceway is another ideal place for a sideboard, as it provides added storage and display possibilities. The same can be said for the kitchen where storage and surface space is at a premium.

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