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Kitchen Cabinets Explained

Because it is an entirely custom project, the kitchen is by far the most complex room to design.

Marcus Cahill decked out his kitchen greentea style, and was kind enough to share the intimate details.

This interview showcases a unique kitchen remodel, and also explains the process behind creating a fitted Mizuya Kitchen.


Wall Cabinets

These wall cabinets were inspired by
the core principals of Japanese design.
Their asymmetrical layout of closed doors
and open shelves were designed to let you
display the things you possess, as they
have a beauty of their own.

The cabinets are built entirely from thick,
solid woods, and act as a natural and
powerful backdrop for your kitchen.


How to accomodate a dishwasher

Many customers love the look of the
extended beams of our Mizuya counters
but need to fit a dishwasher into
their design.

This piece was designed just for that
purpose, and acts acts a bridge
between appliances and counters
(which can be made with or without
extended beams).


Up close and personal

As promised, you can now view
every single interior and exterior
measurement of each of our stock
pantries, islands and counters.

Click here to give it a whirl.


Gib Dreffel's Golden Rules of Kitchen Design

Thoroughly bronzed and the envy of everyone at Greentea
Design, Gib has returned to bestow upon his unworthy followers
these nuggets of kitchen wisdom.    read more

What's popular
in the kitchen:

2 Door Pantry

8 foot Pantry

Mizuya Island

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