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Black Display Shelf - Large

Black Display Shelf - Large

$1800  $1440

71"w x 15.75"d x 82.5"h  (exterior)

This piece is available as shown.


These black lacquer shelves are divided up into twelve large square compartments, providing boundless display opportunity.

The classic Chinese red and black theme has incredible visual impact, and this is but one of so many possibilities. The thick solid wood shelves will bare the burden of a substantial book collection as easily as a few prized curios.

These shelves would make an incredible centerpiece to a room decorated with our black lacquer collection. The bold design and heavy lines makes it really stand out.

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A Hundred Thousand Delights in Lacquer

Lacquer is such a distinctly Asian way of finishing objects and furniture. It involves applying layers of resin to an object or piece of furniture, and as the layers dry, a deep and lovely sheen develops, imbuing the article with a elegance and a certain exotic mystery, as if it holds and hundred thousand stories. .

“One hundred thousand” - that’s what the Sanskrit word “laksha” means, which is the root of the word “lacquer”. It could stand for one hundred thousand resin-secreting insects, which probably provided the rudimentary material for the earliest forms of lacquer in India. Although despite the Sanskrit origins of the word, lacquer did not have its genesis in India, but in China, where its history spans thousands of years, going as far back as the Neolithic Period. .

A hundred thousand versions? Even traditional lacquer techniques have myriad variations developed in different regions in different Asian countries, using resin from different plant and animal sources that were available, and applied to different types of surfaces. Some use flecks or cutouts of gold leaf to embellish a lacquered piece. Some use colored lacquer to depict scenes or objects. And still some carve out designs in the lacquer itself. .

Get some of that mystery and rich history with Greentea’s lacquered furniture, such as the Large Black Display Shelf. Beautifully aged reclaimed hard wood at its core, and put together using age-old woodworking methods, that glorious black lacquer is but a fitting finish for a piece so fine. So no matter how or why this type of finish came to be known as lacquer, there’s no denying the hundred-thousand pleasures brought on by the beauty of that hundred-thousand-watt shine.


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