View 1 of 2 - Pictured here are the dimensions of the 6 Foot Mizuya.

The most demanding of chefs will find the ease of access granted by the large sliding doors a huge asset.

Quite a quantity of pots, pans, dining ware, cutlery and pretty much any other kitchen item can be stowed away in this Mizuya's internal storage.

This is also an ideal piece to store food in your pantry.

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View 2 of 2 - The internal view gives you an idea of all the options a far as the division of space behind the large doors. These large doors make it perfect for hefty food items you need to keep in your pantry.

Depending on how you break up the shelving, this could hold all your glasses and dining ware, or leave a portion wide open, like on the lower left, for storing large pots or bales of rice.

The square area on the top right is a good place to store bottles such as wine, liquor or cooking oils and such.

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