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Sideboards and hutches

The right sideboard or hutch should easily stow away linens, candles, cutlery and other items, while proudly displaying decorative floral arrangements, fine china and crystal.

Much of our sideboard and hutch collection is made up of unique and characterful antique pieces - making them two of our most dynamic lines, with stock that constantly changes throughout the year.

Our home bars serve a similar purpose. They help hide away glasses and alcohol, then quickly open up to create a space in which to ply a mixologist's art. These versatile cabinets are at home in just about any room.

As with the bars, the hutches and sideboards are not limited to the dining room. Many customers have used our sideboards as bathroom vanities, and even as kitchen counters.

The antiques spread throughout these collections make the point about versatility all the truer. They are original pieces that don't narrowly conform to one function or idea, and have come to be part of either the hutches, sideboards or bar collections simply because they would fit these uses quite naturally. Many become used for all sorts of purposes once they are sold, so don't let us tell you exactly what each of these is destined to be.

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100% Solid Wood
All our furniture is hand built from solid hard woods, no plyboard, or filler is ever used in construction.

Hand Made
The carpentry is all done by hand -- the process is non-robotic, and there are no production lines. Each piece then has the stain hand-rubbed in with careful detail and attention to the wood grain.

High Quality
Our craftsmen work together as a team to craft and finish each piece, and take pride in the high-quality furniture they produce. Like our warranty states, if there is every any problem with the construction of your piece, we will happily repair, replace, or refund your order.

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