Small Wine Coolers Ideas & Office Kitchen Furniture

If you are a wine connoisseur, probably you store several reds and whites in your office kitchen. It feels nice when your guests are sipping a glass of wine as you share a bit of conversation, perhaps opening or closing a business deal. However, having some good wine is not just enough for the visitors.

Office Kitchen Furniture

They deserve high-quality furniture as they enjoy their favorite drink. These could be bar chairs and tables, which should be complemented by attractive wine cooler cabinets. If you are planning to redesign your office kitchen, such furniture should be taken into consideration.

There are many cabinets on the market today but come in different styles. Most of them feature adequate space and ideal temperature for all types of wines. They have cubby racks for storing bottles, beautiful lighting, and cupboards for wine glasses. Your friends who like the burgundy drinks will be enjoying happy moments in your office kitchen. Small wine coolers make the best pick for storing the great drinks since they come with several compartments for wine bottles, as well as specialized rooms to put other accessories that are required by all wine aficionados. Read more on wine cooler lab.

The culture of wine dates back to many years ago when wine creators used to store it in dedicated traditional gourds. Even today, wine cooler cabinets designed using wood material creates a unique sense of an office kitchen. There are other stylish cabinets with wine coolers, which also come with additional features such as granite top decors. In addition, others come with two independently operated refrigerated cabinets capable of storing wine at the most appropriate temperature ranging from 53 degrees Fahrenheit and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Interestingly, they are thermoelectric wine coolers suitable for energy efficiency usage.

Size of Wine Cooler Cabinet

 wine cooler cabinets Of course, a small wine cooler is fit for storing a few bottles only for you. But there comes a time when you need to have enough stock for you and your visitors. Wine coolers are available from those slimlines, 6-bottle 300mm that can fit into small spaces of your kitchen, to those coolers with a capacity of holding more than 200 bottles of whites and reds. Also, there are those models that combine freezer and regular fridge with a specialized storage for wines.

Your small office kitchen may not need a big wine cooler. If you are a newbie to the world of wine, a 6 to 18-bottle wine cellar capacity may be enough. For those serious drinkers, such a wine cooler may not be sufficient. Therefore, a 40-bottle capacity wine cooler can do the trick. As you shop around for a new wine cooler, remember that the capacity is determined by how many bottles of Bordeaux it can hold. If you want to store Burgundy or Champagne, your new wine cooler is likely to hold enough bottles for that case. However, it will be practical to choose a wine cooler with taller shelves and wider racks to store larger bottles.

Aspects to Ponder in a Wine Cooler

Aspects to Ponder in a Wine CoolerWhat if you have bought a new wine cooler cabinet, where do you keep it? The wine cooler itself must be placed away from extreme temperature sources. Another amazing thing with wines, excessive vibrations usually damage its quality. This means you need to keep a wine cooler in a quiet room, especially away from the living area. More importantly, ensure that the wine cooler is far away from the oven. If possible, keep it away from any room that is subject to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Remember, a wine cooler will need ample space at the rear, around sides, and top to allow free circulation of air. So, this should be factored during the planning process. Lastly, ensure it is not placed at the window where direct sunlight penetrates.

Before choosing a new wine cooler, it is important to think about accessibility. Glass doors are always the best because you can see the type of wine to pick or just look at your stock before opening the door. The glass doors with the UV protection coating are also vital when it comes to preservation of your treasured investment. The light can degrade the quality of the wine, and that is why all wine bottles are dark. Therefore, ensure that the glass door has UV protective properties, especially if the kitchen allows a lot of sunlight. Apart from the glass doors, there are other wine coolers with solid doors but they have UV protective coating too. Not only do they help in better wine preservation, but also offer proper insulation.

Another important aspect to consider in wine coolers is the multi-zone feature. This is crucial if you are looking for a unit to store different kinds of wine at different temperatures. Those wine coolers with this feature allow storage of whites and reds at ready-to-serve condition within the same unit. So, you may choose a unit capable of keeping your wine at different temperatures in different compartments. Basically, these units have a cooler section and warmer section at the bottom and top respectively.


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