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Solid wood tables

Tables are essential in any home — highly used and prominently displayed, they should be pieces of character and beauty.

Our Maru Dining Tables are crafted from original slabs of century-old Korean flooring. Over the generations this wood has developed a beautiful patina and unique character, giving it a smooth feel and rustic appeal.

Our coffee tables were inspired by classic pieces used in the kitchens and living spaces of traditional Korean and Japanese homes.

And our traditional Asian-inspired end tables add that extra touch without taking up extra space.

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Clean Lines
Simple lines and clean designs that emphasize the beauty of the wood grains.

Solid Wood
All the tables in our collection are made of solid Elm or Gingko wood with classic hinges and pulls.

Uniquely Yours
Most tables are available in your choice of different stains and hardware.

Consummate Craftsmanship - Traditional Japanese joinery is used in the construction of all our pieces.

Then and Now

Since the Japanese and Koreans ate from low tables while seated on the floor, there was not much need for dining room furniture aside from places to store the dining ware.

In an interesting twist we are now taking the beautiful salvaged floors from traditional Korean homes and constructing dining room tables from them. These Maru (porch or floor in Korean) tables come in different sizes and heights so you can have a standard height or a traditional low table and capture that rustic feeling of days gone by.

Step chests were traditionally used to store almost anything. The Joy Jones is our most versatile step chest and is often used as a conversational storage piece for dining areas. The storage spaces are varied and can accommodate dishware, utensils, glasses and linens. Since it is two-sided, it can also make a dramatic room divider between the dining area and other living spaces.

Traditional Chinese antique buffets make wonderful additions to any dining rooms as well. From the provinces of Jilin and Harbin, these pieces come in a variety of styles: Elm Wood, Lacquered Wood and Painted Buffets. Their incredible patina (as opposed to the faux distressed look that is never quite pulled off successfully) and practical storage space fit modern standards just as if they belonged to this era.

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