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Storage chests by Greentea Design

Inspired by the traditional storage chests of Japan, these massive, solid beam wall-units make a bold statement, while keeping your home completely clutter-free.

Many sizes and configurations are available to fit your living style. Our freestanding cabinets are popular in kitchens, bedrooms, home offices – any room in which storage is at a premium.

The Mizuya line is probably most at home in the kitchen or dining room, but with such unique and varied storage theres bound to be a configuration to suit any number of storage needs. These pieces are highly customizable, with many different choices for the style of doors and the configuration of the storage as well as the overall size of the entire piece.

4 Foot Mizuya

$2750 $2200

5 Foot Mizuya

$3250 $2600

6 Foot Mizuya

$3750 $3000

8 Foot Mizuya

$5500 $4400

9 Foot Mizuya

$6500 $5200

Glass Mizuya

starting from $2500 starting from $2000

Konoha Pantry

$3000 $2400

Click an image below for a closer look at each of our mizuya chests

Flexible furniture for a flexible lifestyle

The guiding element behind all our furniture is flexibility – that’s why all our designs are based on stand-alone pieces that work beautifully together.

Our Storage Cabinets are two-piece modular units – stack them or separate them, the choice is yours. You can customize the interior shelving, mix-and-match them with other designs, even have them made to your exact specifications.

Because they are unfitted you can move them around and adapt them for any purpose. So 10 years down the road, if you feel like a change you can move the cabinet to the bedroom as a wardrobe – or if you buy a new home, you can take them with you when you move.

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