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Zen Living And Entertainment

TV Mizuya


72"h x 64.5"w x 27"d

Our TV Mizuya features long horizontal beams, slatted sliding doors with rivets, and a beautiful assymetrical layout.

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Small Step


27"h x 26"l x 15"d

The Small Step Chest is an unconventional end table that is perfect for small spaces.

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Coin Chest


41"w x 19.5"d x 17"h

The iron reinforcements give this coin chest a slightly medieval feel. A strong yet subtle design.

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Zen Living And Entertainment

A little goes a long way -- by incorporating a few well-chosen pieces you can instantly create the look and atmosphere you want.

The TV Mizuya is perfect for home entertainment, visually anchors the room, and doubles as a magnificent solid-wood cabinet when not in use. $4000
more TV armoires.

The Small Step Chest is a great visual piece. By drawing your eye into the room, it provides wonderful display possibilities. $495
more side tables.

And the iron stud reinforcements on this Antique Korean Coin Chest (sold) make it a fascinating coffee table. more coffee tables.

Asian Decor

Our rooms take Asian decor and incorporate it into a Western aesthetic.

Elements of Japanese Decorating

History of Japanese decor

Traditional Japanese architecture emphasizes economy of design and a great sensitivity to the natural environment. This design is characterized by the use of elements such as wood, (structural beams and furniture) straw (tatami mats) and paper (covering the shoji screens).

Houses built in this style shunned the decorative, the obvious and the extravagantly showy in favor of restraint or what contemporary designers would refer to as minimalism. For many people it is the emptiness that strikes the eye - the houses seem to have been pared back to the essential elements and made purely functional.The idea of Asian decor almost seems to be an oxymoron.

The second thing that becomes apparent is the impermanent state of the house. Interior walls slide to double a room's size, beds are pulled from cupboards, and external walls even open in summer to bring the garden inside. Furniture is constructed in pieces and stacked with handles on the sides for easy movement.

Of all the elements, the most precious and revered was wood. Carpenters were the most respected of artisans and the classic timber framework they used for house building and the traditional joinery used in constructing furniture pieces was legendary.

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TV Mizuya $4000 more tv armoires...
Small Step $495 more side tables...
Coin Chest $1600 more coffee tables...

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