The Perfect Floor Choice For Each Room At Your Home

If you’re getting ready to build your own house or you’re about to renovate some parts of your home, you’re probably wondering what flooring is the best for some of the rooms. Maybe you don’t like the choice you’re already living in, or you have a doubt about what material is the best for some of the rooms. The usual flooring used in homes is wood, stone, tiles, bricks, carpets, and other. Let’s go over the most usual flooring types and where they can be used.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring

Wood flooring can be parquet, laminate, and others. Wood flooring’s pros are that it is easy for maintenance and it gives a warm feeling while spending time in the room. Wood floors are perfect for the living room, the bedroom, and rooms that require a feeling of coziness and relaxation. Someone would say that the bathroom is the room where most people need to relax and feel calm, but wood is not the best choice for a room where a lot of steam and moisture is a normal thing.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring also has a lot of different options. They are all suitable for different locations and needs. One thing is common for all stone floors – the feeling of connecting with nature, but also a feeling of cold atmosphere. That’s why stones are widely used for outside places, like the terrace, the deck, but also stairs, bathrooms, hallways, and similar. A stone floor is easy for maintenance because a simple pressure washer can get rid of the dirt and dust.

Tile flooring

tile flooring

Tiles are inevitable in every home because of their great features. They are extremely easy to maintain and they are water-proof which is why tiles are almost always used for bathrooms. Also, the kitchen is another room that can benefit from the tiles as there’s also water that can be spilled on the floor and on the walls. Tiles are not the best choice for other rooms as they are not very durable and can easily break under pressure.

Brick flooring

Bricks as a floor are very convenient as they can be changed and reshaped at all times. If one brick gets damaged it can be changed without much stress. That’s why a lot of people love this type of flooring. However, bricks are not suitable for the rooms we spend most of the time. Bricks are best used for hallways, terraces, outside facilities and areas, basements, cellars, etc.

Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring is one of the most popular choices for many rooms. The carpets create a warm feeling and keep the body temperature of the feet. Carpets are most used in living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Carpets are not the best choice for rooms that have a contact with moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and rooms that are dark and not maintained often. Carpets need special care and often maintenance. On the market, there are lots of carpet cleaners and shampoo specially designed for this need.

How to choose the best carpet cleaners and shampoo?

There are so many brands on the market that you’ll surely get confused when first purchasing these products. What you need is a perfect solution for the type of carpet you have. Read carefully the type of the cleaner and what it’s best for. Some cleaners are best for carpets with short fibers and some work best with deep fiber rugs. Same goes for the shampoos. Portable carpet cleaners and shampoos are not mixable but others make a great team. Do good research before you start cleaning and you’ll save a lot of time and money for maintaining your carpets.


These are the most commonly used materials in homes. There are other not so widely used, like rubber, linoleum, glass, PVC, and others. You can use these for some rooms, of course, but their benefits are still in the section of experimental home used materials. For example, you can use glass for your porch, it will look exotic, but you can never know if your child will be afraid of walking over it. This can’t happen with any of the mentioned materials.

Also, each material has its pros and cons. Some are better for maintenance, some have more durability. That’s why you shouldn’t experiment with installing improper materials in rooms that are not the best choice. Always keep the flooring perfect and follow the instructions about how to best maintain them. If you have tiles, make sure you don’t drop anything heavy on them, and if you have a carpet, make sure you’re using the best carpet cleaners and shampoo for them.

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