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Mini Steps Giveaway 2012

Greentea Design launched its Steps and Storage Sale this week, and to celebrate, we’re bringing back the Cho Mini Steps!

You, our dear readers, can have the chance to own one of the three Mini Step Chests that we are giving away! All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, “like” it (if you haven’t already), and comment on our posts. You’ve got until May 22nd to make your comments. Each one comprises an entry to the draw which we will hold at the end of the contest period.

Best of luck, you guys!

Here is the complete set of rules for this giveaway.

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SOFA New York

This Friday in New York City’s Park Avenue Armory, SOFA New York opens its doors to visitors who will be challenged to put aside conventional thinking to answer, “what is art?”  SOFA, for Sculptural Objects and Found Art, is an art fair featuring contemporary works, lectures, and seminars from some of the word’s leading artists, designers and curators. SOFA bridges the worlds of design, decorative and fine arts and is always an inspired and dazzling collection from both new and emerging talent.  If you’re in NYC this weekend, it’s absolutely worth stopping in.

The Divan by Victor Klassen

The Divan By Victor Klassen

We’re excited to report that friend of Greentea Design, Victor Klassen will be showcasing his sculptural furniture at SOFA New York.   Victor’s imaginative designs and innovative woodworking techniques combine to create functional art like the divan above.

Fuginuma Noburu's Spring LightFujinuma Noburu’s Spring Light constructed of bamboo and rattan

He’ll be there alongside other innovative ceramisists, furniture designers, jewelry, and textile artists whose unique perspective imbues each artists’ technique, their work and finally your relationship with the finished product.

Lola Brook's NeckpieceLola Brooks’ Neckpiece.  Stop by Lola’s booth 109 in the Sienna Gallery to hear her speak about her newest body of work on Saturday at 4pm.

Fauteuil II by Phillipp AduatzPhillipp Aduatz’ Feuteuil II .  Aduatz is joined by Vivian Beer, both of the Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia, to give a lecture on how functional objects exist between and within the worlds of design, craft and sculpture Saturday from 4-5pm.

Preston Singletary's Loon TravellingPreston Singletary’s Loon Travelling constructed from blown and hand-carved glass.

Shozo Michikawa's Square FormJapanese artist Shozo Michikawa’s Square Form.  Shozo gives a talk entitled Haiku in Clay on Saturday from 2:30-3:30.

There is an added dimension – something that’s at once ethereal and sensual – to our interactions with functional art pieces like these.  It’s an element that separates and elevates this art fair from regular design or home shows and even gallery exhibitions.  Don’t miss this chance to see work from around the globe and gain insight from the makers themselves.

SOFA New York runs April 20-23, 2012
Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th

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Cherry Blossom Centennial in DC

Cherry blossoms in DC

Image by Renee Alfonso

Here in Washington, DC Spring is always highly anticipated. Year after year tourists flock to the US Capital to see the world-famous cherry blossoms on the grounds of the National Mall surrounding the Washington Monument and the Tidal Basin.

Cherry blossoms line the tidal basin

Image by Renee Alfonso

The cherry blossoms, or Sakura, as they’re known in Japan, are native to the island country, but thrive in temperate conditions. Most of the trees in Washington that surround the Tidal Basin are of the Yoshino variety, easily the most common variety of cherry blossoms. While cherry blossoms have a relatively long lifespan, the fact that the trees in Washington have survived this long is also a remarkable event.

National Monument peeking through the Cherry Blossoms

Every year the National Park service predicts the blossoms “peak bloom,” when around 70% of the blossoms in the trees have flowered. Once the flowers open, the tourists come in waves to the US Capital for this fleeting but exhilarating display. Most years the flowers bloom at the end of March or at the beginning of April, but this year they bloomed a little early thanks to a spur of warm weather that swept the district last week.

The blossoms were a special gift from Japan to the United States, given in 1912 to symbolize friendship between the two nations. Although the blooming of the trees is somewhat of a national event every year, this year is particularly significant as it marks the centennial anniversary of the trees.

Sakura by the water

Image by Renee Alfonso

Although the blossoms were almost gone by the time, the celebrations for the centennial were right on time, and for the next month Washington, DC will be alive with cherry blossom related events and festivites. Here’s a few events of note that might be of interest if you’re visiting the district.

Blossom Kite Festival

Blossom Kite FestivalPhoto by Matt MClain,

The kite festival is an anticipated annual event. Participants bring their own kites, or make them at activity stations on site, and fly them on the National Mall near the Washington monument. There are also traditional Japanese kite flying demonstrations, as well as competitions for those more experienced flyers. This year the festival will be on Saturday, March 31, on the National Mall.

Blossom Bites by Bike Tour

Blossom Bites by BikeBlossom Bites by Bike. Photo credit: Bike and Roll.

For the entire length of the festival, the bicycle tour company Bike and Roll DC Metro are giving bicycle tours and tastings centered around the famous blossoms. The three-hour tour will take you to three eateries in three famous neighborhoods in the district, where you will get a chance to sample cherry blossom-themed bites. After you eat, you can burn the calories on the way to the next site!


Official Stone Lantern Lighting Ceremony

The Japanese Stone lantern is lit

The stone lantern at the Tidal Basin is as iconic as the trees themselves, and every year the lantern is lit in a ceremony that features traditional Japanese performances. This year the ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 8, at 2:30 PM.


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Chamba Black Pottery Giveaway

These pottery pieces are not your ordinary earthen vessels — they are beautiful pieces of history. These are Chamba black pottery, a craft unique to the town of La Chamba in Tolima, Colombia.

The clay itself possesses a distinct composition marked by the presence of mica, which enhances heat resistance, making it ideal for cookware and bakeware. They are hand-formed by artisan women from the small villages in this Andean town, burnished, and fired, in pretty much the same way it has been done for 700 years. The addition of powdered grass near the end of the firing process gives these vessels their arresting smoky blackness.

And to celebrate Greentea Design’s Kitchen and Bath Sale, we’re excited to be giving away a set of these amazing kitchenware! Just comment on a post on our Facebook page from March 29 until April 10, 2012 and you’ll be entered into a draw for this stunning set!

Full contest rules are available here.

Best of luck everyone!

Stay Tuned for a Little Giveaway

Greentea Design’s kitchen and bath event is on now and we’re celebrating with a little giveaway.  Check back later this week for more details!

Greentea Design Kitchen

In the meantime, click on over to Greentea’s shop to save up to 25% on furniture, from custom islands and cabinetry, to the beautiful Maru tables created from 100 year old salvaged floors, and of course the stunning vanities.

Greentea Design's Beautiful Vanities

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you don’t want to miss this sale.  And if you’re still in the early stages of planning and prepping, check out Greentea’s kitchen resources!

See you in a few days!