A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach by Samantha French

Yesterday we headed to the beach on Toronto Island. It was a beautiful day with sandy kiddos,  a casual picnic and lots of sunshine. A few hours at the beach was just what I needed to clear my head and brighten my outlook, so today I thought I would dedicate a post to all things fun and beachy. With any luck you’re headed to a sandy shoreline of your own this weekend. Happy Friday Everyone!

Fire Island Beach House by Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Who doesn’t dream about a house on the beach? This home in Fire Island is everything a beach house should be, colourful, full of light with incredible views from every room. Below is a picture of the exterior, but for even more glimpses of the inside of this gorgeous home you can go here.

Fire Island Beach House by Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Deck Chair from Gallant & Jones

I can’t imagine a better place for lounging and watching the tide come in than one of these teak and fabric deck chairs from Gallant & Jones. It comes in a number of different fabric options, but I’m especially fond of this blue and orange striped pattern. All it needs is a nice big beach umbrella.

This luxe beach umbrella is from Basil Bangs. The black fringe is a sexy touch (never thought I’d be saying that about a beach umbrella). It reminds me of an old boudoir lamp. This umbrella would be just the thing for a glamorous beach house, don’t you think?

Wayne Pate Brighton Tote Bag

Loving the vintage style illustration on this beachy tote by Wayne Pate. What a great tote for carrying your towels, books and other beach day supplies.  This image also comes in a print so you can hang it on your wall.

Sand Art by Jim Deneven

Jim Deneven creates large scale artwork in the sand of beaches all over the world. All of the images on his site are fantastic, but the ones of him creating his giant sand works of art are my favourite. This tonal geometric pattern is captivating, and it’s interesting to see how the rising tide slowly eats away at the design.

Gulp by Sumo Science found via Make

Have you seen this incredible animated short from Sumo Science. It’s large scale stop-motion that uses the sand and waves of the ocean. It’s the whimsical story of a fisherman who escapes being swallowed by a fish. To truly appreciate the amount of work that went into this video I highly recommend watching the making-of which you can find here. Incredible!

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