A Homemade Halloween

Alice in Wonderland homemade costumeDIY Alice in Wonderland via Misha Lulu

5 MORE DAYS!!!!!

Is my enthusiasm coming through? That’s five more days until little ones will be hitting the streets looking for candy and big revellers will be heading to parties and bars looking for grownup fun. I think I’ve already mentioned that Halloween is a big deal in our house. With a little kid around it’s hard not to get caught up in all the spooky excitement.

Some of my favourite childhood memories of Halloween are of the weeks and days leading up to the big event, when my mom and later myself would be putting the finishing touches on my homemade costume. It was so amazing watching the vision I had for what I was going to dress up as come into being. Nothing beats a homemade costume if you ask me. If you’re debating making your own costume for yourself or your family there’s still time, and if you need a bit of inspiration here are some of the best DIY costumes on the web for little and not-so-little trick or treater’s.

DIY owl costumeDIY owl costume by Designing Moms

The owl trend is getting a little overdone but I have to admit I still find those big-eyed birds immensely charming. This is one of my favourite owl costumes I have seen. The combination of fabric feathers and that adorable capelet make it couture worthy.

homemade beekeeper's costumeBeekeeper Costume via Martha Stewart

Costumes for grownups are harder to come up with than ones for kids. I find Martha Stewart manages to come up with creative costume ideas for adults every year and this beekeeper is a great example of what can be accomplished with a few simple materials.

Golidlocks and the 3 bears family costume, handmadeGoldilocks and the Three Bears via A Beautiful Mess

I’ve noticed a number of fairytale and storybook themed costumes popping up online this year. This family’s re-creation of Goldilocks and the three bears is a fun take on the children’s story. It’s more Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mister Fox than Disney, which makes it a bit more charming in my opinion.

painted skeleton costumePainted Skeleton Costume via lookbook

A skeleton is a classic halloween costume that can be done in so many different ways. I love the illusion created by painting on top of a black slim fitting suit. Very Jack Skellington and edgy. If you don’t have confidence in your painting skills I’m sure there are templates you can find online that would create a similar effect.

Bloody Mary Makeup

Sometimes all a simple DIY costume needs to make it become a wower is the right makeup. There are tons of makeup tutorials on youtube for the gruesome and not-so-bloody look you are going for. I am impressed by this “Bloody Mary” makeup job, and all you need for the rest of your costume is an old fashioned dress and some white body paint.

DIY Vincent Van Gogh costumesvia oh happy day

I’m going to file this one under “costumes I will never force any child of mine to wear, but man are they awesome”. Right along with this one (David Bowie in Labyrinth). Who knows, maybe you know a pint size fine-art lover who would be happy to dress up as Vincent Van Gogh.

School Photo CostumeSchool Photo Costume via A Cup of Jo

This costume idea is sure to get a few laughs if you’re going to a Halloween Party. So easy to do, just attach a cheesy cardboard background to your back and put on the nerdiest clothes you can find. Her oversized glasses and nerdy smile really seal the deal.

felt masks, no sew!No Sew Animal Masks via Prudent Baby

Even if you can’t sew you can still whip up a homemade costume before the big night. This template from Prudent Baby will allow you to make a number of different creature masks with only felt, glue and a few simple trimmings. Pair with an appropriately coloured hoodie and attach a tail, tentacles or whatever you need with safety pins to the seat of your kids pants. Voila, instant cute costume!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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