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A set of terrariumsterrariums by sfgirlbythebay

No more sad looking houseplants in boring plastic pots; the new houseplant is a design feature unto itself thanks to gorgeous terrariums and an array of unique and unexpected planters. A plant doesn’t need much to grow, just some soil, light, water and maybe a little gentle encouragement, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate having a stylish place to live. Here is a roundup of some unexpected planting ideas that will make you and your plants happy.

Yellow and white coffee planterDIY colour dipped planter by designlovefest

Make an instantly stylish DIY planter this weekend by following this easy tutorial. I’ve seen a number of colour dipped projects in blogland recently and the results never cease to amaze me. The versatitily is the best part about this technique. Anything that can be turned into a planter can be livened up with a touch of colour.

Tiny planter for bikesbike planter via Design Sponge

Tiny planter for bikesbike planter by Wearable Planter

For those of you dying to take your plants for a spin the wonderful etsy shop Wearable Planters has designed a wearable planter for your bicycle. It’s perfect for small succullants but I don’t think I could resist trying to plant a mini bouquet of flowers.

Rhino planterrhino head planter via design for mankind

A rhino’s head is definitely an unexpected place to find a plant in. This little rhino head is funny and cute, and a very fun way to add a bit of greenery to your room.  I’m a big fan of wall hanging planters; I have almost no available floor space near any natural light, so by hanging them on the wall I can have a couple house plants without trying to perch them precariously on narrow ledges.

Sculpture/planterDa Morto A Orto planter images via Dezeen found via apartment therapy

How amazing are these plant environments created by Peter Botazzi and Denish Bonapace? Using recycled furniture and found odds and ends they’ve assembled an exhibition of planters that are functional pieces of sculpture. To see more pieces from the exhibition go here.

Terrarium postcard setQuill and Fox Terrarium Print via Bloesom

If you don’t have a great track record with keeping house plants alive you can still add some new growth to your walls; this terrarium print set is beautifully illustrated and easy to frame.

Before spring officially arrives in a few weeks why not start growing some green to give the season a head start.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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