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Apple, Blueberry, Ginger Shortcrust Pie ia What Katie Ate

This post is dedicated to one of the most comforting of desserts, the pie. Simple, relaxed and oh so scrumptious, the pie is one of the best summer desserts out there. The variety of filling and crust options are unlimited, but here are a few recipes I found that look exceptionally tasty.

First up is the Apple, Blueberry, Ginger Pie pictured above. I only recently found the blog What Katie Ate and I was completely blown away by her food photography. This pie looks exceptionally drool inducing.

styled by Joy Thigpin via a little blue notebook

At your next celebration why not serve up a few different kinds of pie. You can give your guests plenty of options, and when grouped together pies make a beautiful presentation.  I love how the wedding pie table above has been styled, and it would be easy to attempt something similar at your next backyard soiree. Served up with some homemade ice cream you have a memorable dessert that won’t leave your guests missing their usual cake.

mini peach pies via A Beautiful Mess

As much as I enjoy eating pie I’ve never gotten the hang of making them. Great pie is all about the pastry, which sadly is not one of the culinary skills I’ve ever been able to master.  If you’re like me and wouldn’t mind taking a couple shortcuts in your pie baking, this mini peach pie recipe is as simple as they come; all you need  is puff pastry and peach pie filling, and each mini pie is baked in a muffin tin.

Toll House Pie via Skip to my Lou

Warm chocolate chip cookie in pie form, yes please! Skip to my Lous Toll House pie looks like the perfect Sunday afternoon dessert with a glass of cold milk. What’s not to love about chocolate with a graham cracker crust? I think I might have to try this recipe this weekend.

Pie purists (are there such a thing?) may not consider an apple galette a true pie, but I think it’s got all its’ bases covered. Fruity filling, check. Flaky, buttery pastry, check. Served up with an obligatory scoop of ice cream, check. Whatever it’s called it looks delicious. If you head over to elephantine, Rachel has created a beautiful video on how to bake this lovely treat.

Pie Pops via Bakerella

I am not quite ready to get behind the cake pop fad that’s been going on for awhile now. How is a little hunk of cake on a stick not just a terrible tease (as if cupcakes aren’t  small enough) but these pie pops by Bakerella are too cute for words. Although I don’t know if I could restrain myself from eating a dozen of them at a time. This recipe looks especially kid friendly if you have little bakers in the house.

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