Advent Calendar Idea Round-Up

image via Brigette.

I have fond memories from childhood of opening a chocolate a day from my advent calendar.  I remember searching the Christmas image for the day’s hidden date for the little treat.  What a simply wonderful way to start the day: excitement, joy, a taste of chocolate.  Of course I also remember my younger brother who’s never been good with anticipation, sneaking the entire chocolate tray out of the advent calendar box to eat them all.  Leaving a 10 year old me with 25 days of total exasperation.  But I digress…

This year I am very excited to introduce my kiddle to the advent calendar.  With just shy of 2 years under his belt, time is still a concept slightly out of reach.  The day by day countdown will probably help both ignite and contain his excitement.

Whether you go store bought or make your own, here are some wonderful versions that caught my eye!

image via Crafty Nest

These folded origami boxes hung on a tree made of painted craft sticks is just darling!  For full directions visit Crafty Nest.  The site does warn, while easy, it’s a bit time intensive with all the box folding…

images via All Things Simple

I just love this note version where each day schedules some special family time.  The reusable advent tree you can make yourself or purchase.  Just print out the notes to hide in each day’s pocket.  This version by Kim McCrary of All Things Simple includes such gems as “Go sledding with Dad”, “Unwrap a book to read”, “Buy gifts for children in need” and “Decorate cookies”.  Sweet!  And a good reminder that ’tis the season for quality time with family and friends and generosity.

image via My Kind of Blog

image via The Craft Department at Martha Stewart

These two DIY projects are super easy to do and oh so cute.  Just hide notes and tiny surprises in each day’s package.  Love!

image via Bower Power Blog

I really love this homemade linen pinboard with a Christmas tree decoration for each day.  It’s beautiful to look at and means the family can steal a moment of quiet to take in – and expand on – the beauty of their tree.  For full directions on how to make your own pinboard, visit Bower Power Blog.

image via

image via Mastermind Toys

And of course if you can’t help but spoil the little collectors on your list, both Playmobil and Lego have advent calendar box sets out this year (of course).

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