Alternative Christmas Trees

I love decorating for Christmas and the highlight for me is going out and picking the perfect tree to bring home and decorate with the ornaments that I have collected over the years. However, the environmentalist in me feels a little guilty killing an innocent tree to fill my house with its intoxicating scent for a mere four weeks.

Image: Bibitaro

And yet, I can’t quite bring myself to go the artificial route. I have considered a small, living potted tree but I don’t have anywhere to plant it when the holidays are over.

Image: Fleurfatale

But this is an excellent choice for people who have a backyard or who have larger indoor plants (Christmas cactus anyone?). Even a container with branches could make a cool sustainable version.

Image: AtelierboisdAme on Etsy

AtelierboisdAme plays on this idea by assembling driftwood into the shape of a traditional tree. I think this would look amazing draped with rustic ornaments.

Image: Makedo on Instructables

For the crafty types, Makedo on Instructables has an easy 10-step tutorial for a cardboard Christmas tree. If you have kids, you could keep them busy for hours decorating one with markers or decoupage. You could even make small holes in the cardboard and hang ornaments.

Image: Tattered Style

But why not use items you already have around the house? A plain old ladder looks spectacular decked out with lights and sparkly decorations.

Image: Allison Stanke on Pinterest

As a graduate student, I always have a large stack of books lying around, so I am sorely tempted to procrastinate at the end of term with this DIY project!

Image: Martha Stewart

One of the reasons that people shy away from a real tree is lack of floor space. Fortunately, several creative types have shared their 2-D solutions on the Internet.  With little more than a string of lights, one can have a merry little tree.

Image: Le Vestiaire de Jeanne via All Washi Tape

A few months ago, Mandy blogged about the wonderful possibilities of washi tape here on The Design Tree, so it’s no surprise that it has been incorporated in Christmas decorations. The huge variety of colours and patterns means that you could make a tree to match any décor.

Image: Wall Dressed Up

Snowflake decals also make a festive alternative that won’t damage the walls when they come down in the New Year.

Image: A Legg Up

I’m not much of an artist but if I was I would consider covering a wall with chalkboard paint (or butcher paper since I’m pretty non-committal in the paint department) and drawing the perfect tree.

Image: Ever After Blueprint

What about you? Do you prefer a traditional tree or would you consider going alternative this Christmas?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Great roundup! Thanks for sharing an idea from EverAfterBlueprint

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