Ame for the Holidays

I’m not hoping for rain during the holidays – Ame being Japanese for rain – but I am suggesting you drop in for at least a drink at this beautifully designed restaurant in Toronto.

resto interiors

A beautiful setting for a Kimchi cocktail

Much like the famous window scene in Citizen Kane (in which the scale appears grand until the camera zooms in) the bar has the same effect on scale perception. From afar, the vertical lines make the height and scale of the wall seem monumental, but after you perch at the bar it suddenly seems a very intimate space. And perch you must, to enjoy an esoteric Kimchi Cocktail. That may seem like a typo, but in fact it’s a delicious mash-up from their mad mixologist. They have recently added holiday libations such as Egg Nog in Edo and Pumpkin Cobbler.

Wall decor

Wabisabi performed brilliantly

The Rubino brothers are veterans of the restaurant scene and have always paired their cutting edge cuisine with stunning aesthetics. Last year they revamped this 10 year old restaurant (formerly named Rain) using elements reminiscent of classic Japanese design – massive cuts of reclaimed wood, natural stone and even kimono sashes. The company behind the design is Munge Leung, also responsible for other inventive and often whimsical designs around town.

Long wooden dining table

Another Munge Leung creation at the Ultra Supper Club, Toronto

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