Analog Love: Low-Tech Camera Revolution

Polaroid photo

Polaroid Fashion Photography by Fernanda Montoro

I still clearly remember my first camera, it was a pink and grey Polaroid Cool Cam that I got for my birthday when I was eight years old. Shaking away while waiting for that first photo to develop was completely magical. I’m not the only one who has been enchanted by the possibilities of Polaroid, artists such as Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams have also seen the potential in that simple square frame.

Polaroid portraits

Warhol Polaroid Series via youmightfindyourself

Polaroid-nspired fashion accessory

via craftyfolk

You Can’t take pictures with it but isn’t this camera brooch by craftfolk the sweetest? The boxy little Polaroid camera has become an iconic figure of pop culture inspiring, books, designer scarves and a whole legion of fans.

The Impossible Project – Keeping Instant Film Alive

At a time when film production plants are closing all over the world, “The Impossible Project” has done what everyone thought was impossible, they re-invented and started producing instant film for the traditional Polaroid camera. You can check out The Impossible Project here as well as purchase film and take a look at their impressive collection of instant film artworks.

via the Impossible Project


I’ve been coveting one of these plastic gems for a while now and during the holidays I finally got a chance to get my hands on the Diana Mini. With their trademark plastic lens they feel more like toys then cameras, but they sure can take some amazing photos (or ‘lomographs’ as lomography enthusiasts like to call them).

Diana+ mini lomo camera

The Diana Mini with Flash image via design milk

Beach lomography

image by emma jane nation


image via


Lomowall by MrLomo

Film is Dead! Bring on the Pixels!

If you’re in the ‘film is dead’ camp and are in the mood to see some digital eye candy, may I introduce you to the Leica Special Edition M9 Titanium. This beauty is the lovechild of Leica and the prominent automobile designer, Walter de’Silva.  This camera boasts one of the best 35mm lenses available and the body is constructed out of solid titanium.  However, at £15 000 this one probably won’t be anybody’s first camera.

Leica Special Edition M9 Titanium
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3 Responses to Analog Love: Low-Tech Camera Revolution

  1. Eric says:

    I love those lomography images! Nothing beats the slight unpredictability of the physical and chemical reactions involved in creating these pictures. I have to admit, I switched to digital a while ago, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for film.

  2. Pat Millar says:

    Coveting the Leica Titanium…

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