Artist Spotlight: Cybele Young

Paper art by Cybele Young

Did you Feel Something

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If you’ve been following the blog for awhile you know that many of us here at the Design Tree have an infatuation with paper, and especially with all the marvelous things you can make with it.  Toronto-based paper-artist, printmaker and filmmaker Cybele Young creates tiny, intricately-detailed sculptures out of Japanese papers. Here is a peek at a few of her works.

Art made from paper, by Cybele Young

I’m Still Looking

An artwork by Cybele Young

It’s Worth it This Time

Art by Cybele Young

It Should Groove There by Cybele Young at Gallery Jones

Paper sculpture by Cybele YoungDress

It’s hard to believe everything is made out of paper, isn’t it?I am in complete awe of Cybele’s Young’s work. The patience and craft of her paper sculptures is unbelievable. She has even made a couple of films that show her paper creations in motion.

Young’s etchings and printmaking work is also wonderful. All her prints are copperplate etching with chine cole or silkscreen.  Here are a couple of her etchings.  There is definitely plenty of humour in the way she gives everyday objects a life of their own.

Print by Cybele YoungEyebulbs

Etching by Cybele YoungRunaway

If you’re hungry to see more of her work you can head to her website. Young also shows work at Forum Gallery in New York and LA, Rebecca Hossack Gallery in the UK, Gallery Jones in Vancouver and Newzones gallery for contemporary art in Calgary.

And as if her artistic accomplishments aren’t enough Young is also a Governor’s General Award winning Children’s book author and illustrator. Her two books Ten Birds and A Few Blocks will delight pint-size art aficionados and adults alike. People this talented make me envious, but mostly they just make me thankful that they exist because they bring so much beauty into the world.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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