At the Design Show with Greg – IDS12

Greg Laciak is Greentea Design’s lead designer.  When Greg’s not helping clients plan their dream kitchen he’s often in the showroom giving it that quintessential Greentea vibe.  With an unmatched eye for what’s beautiful and how it all fits together, The Design Tree is delighted to have Greg as a guest contributor.  This month Greg takes us to the Interior Design Show in Toronto with a run through of his top finds at this year’s show!

IDS12 Interior Design Show

More than 300 retailers, studios, manufacturers and exhibitors took part in this year’s Interior Design Show here in Toronto.  It was a great show and here’s my round-up of those objects, ideas, and designs that I found fascinating.

The “How Do We Live” Exhibit

An interesting mix of concepts were on display here as designer spaces were showcased within the confines of shipping containers.

"How Do We Live"

The creative collaboration between Casey Design Planning Group and Design Works Studio was astounding. The collaborators envisioned a design portal that directs us inwards on a sensual journey of exploration and discovery, revealing the vast transformative powers of our imagination.  And I did feel like I was transported into another world, one replete with fantasy peacock walls, stunning marble floors and whimsical art arrangements no less!  It was mesmerizing in it’s beauty, concept and unique oddness.

Studio North

In Studio North, the exhibit that focuses on up and coming star ateliers and design makers, I was most intrigued by the wall coverings by Mushaboom Design.  Their latest line, the Victoria Collection, takes its inspiration from the Halifax Public Gardens.  Mushaboom Design endeavors to create colourful designs and patterns inspired by the world around us, incorporating these elements into wall coverings and textiles that blend seamlessly into a wide range of interiors.  Newly honed technologies such as digital printing have dismantled the old paradigm of mass production and enabled mass customization.

Wall coverings by Mushaboom

I was particularly drawn to the hazy yet colorfully vivid coverings that seemed to reference a bygone era.  Others that I liked had a sense of balance you feel when you surround yourself in nature.  Best of all I could see these wall coverings working remarkably well in both traditional and modern settings.

Also in the section was Ridgely Studio Works, who specialize in contemporary handmade lighting, sculpture and furniture using a wide variety of materials. Under the direction of Zac Ridgely they push the boundaries of form by creating lighting that refuses to blend into its scenery.

Lighting by Ridgely Studio

I loved the otherworldly “halo” with the metal stick or twigs suspended below, this would look beautiful hanging over a worn and beaten up dining table.

IDS Main Show

Back in the main area of the show I kept finding myself drawn to the stone tile booth and the incredible tiles from Mutina.

These stunning ceramic tiles maintain the raw aspects of traditional earth floors or handmade cement, allowing the material to convey the beauty of its natural characteristics. The special composition of minerals truly creates a material that has both visual depth and a sensuous matte finish.

Tiles by

It was hard to believe that these were ceramic tiles! Many had a very old world mosaic quality to them, while others were truly modern. Available in natural and monochrome base colours, the small honeycomb pattern would make a stunning backsplash.


My last pick is from the Student Prototype exhibit and it’s Denis Limitovski’s Amsel Console Table.

The designer was inspired by the ideas of unique perspectives and negative spaces, and this piece of furniture does indeed have a very different look from every angle.

Amsel Console Table

I loved the playfulness of the structure and also how the metal frame was imbedded into the wooden top – I could see this being used as an entry table or perhaps behind a sofa.

Did you make it out to IDS12 this year?  What were your thoughts?

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