Baubles and Balls

Antique Silver Baubles. Image via Dee Puddy.

I’ve got a thing for Christmas balls.

I’m generally fascinated by circles and spheres because of their symmetry, their mathematical perfection, and their arcs and curves that just go on and on. Add some sparkle and flash to that equation, and suddenly there’s light reflecting and refracting in infinite splendid ways!

So why confine all that fabulousness to the Christmas tree? There are a lot of other places that could use the sprinkle of shimmer that these brilliant orbs could bring. Here are but a few.

The Ceiling

There’s always a wow factor in beautiful things that are above eye level. There’s an element of surprise, because we don’t see them unless we look up, and there’s a sense of awe and big-ness, even if they look small. I think it’s related to our love for the sun, moon, and stars, and everything else we see up there — clouds, airplanes, rainbows.

Image via Create

Image from Little Sealed Packages

The ceiling at Rolf's German Restaurant in Manhattan. Image via Mille Fiori Favoriti.

Image by Nathalie Mariano

The Table

Baubles make awesome centerpieces! Put a number of them on a plate, bowl, or glass globes and cylinders, and you’ve got instant festive air.

Image via Create

Image via Words, Words, Words

Image via Design Muse

The Wall or Door

These magnificent spheres make unique and lovely wreaths. I mean, how fantastically apt is it to use round ornaments to create a circle?

Image from Fingerprints on the Fridge

Image from Eddie Ross

Via House to Home

The Gifts

A ball or two (or three) makes even the most mediocre gift-wrapping extra special.

Image from Woman's Day

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