Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

all photos by Eric Cator

Do you find yourself leaving all your gift wrapping for the last minute? We’re usually travelling over the holidays and it’s not unheard of for me to be frantically wrapping presents in the car on the way to visit family and friends. This year I’m going to get a head start to cut down on the chaos, and also because I love looking at nicely wrapped gifts under the tree. Who’s with me? Here are a few gift wrapping ideas that start with plain kraft paper. With a few adornments you can make gifts festive and fun.

vintage baubles

Use a couple vintage brooches or clip-on earrings as a sparkling present topper and bonus gift. All you need to do is pin them onto a ribbon, or two overlapping ribbons as I have done.  Alternately you could make a bow out of a vintage necklace or wrap it around the present in place of ribbon.

fingerprint snowmen and snowballs

Here’s a fun idea if you have kids who want to help out in the present wrapping department. Make snowmen out of white paint using your fingerprints (thumb for the bottom, pointer for the middle and pinkie for the head).  Use markers or pens to draw on hats, buttons, eyes, carrot noses and stick arms.  Tie some pompom trim around the gift to finish it off (you can find pompom trim at most craft or fabric stores).

weaving ribbons

Here’s a quick and easy technique that looks much more involved than it is. Cut six strips of ribbon or bias tape so they will go around your present vertically. Fix ribbons in place with tape at the bottom of your present. Cut another six ribbons so they will reach horizontally around the package and weave them through the verticl ribbons and tape them in place.

yarn and pompoms

For a fun and crafty looking present tie yarn around your wrapped package multiple times and affix a couple of over-sized pompoms on top. If you don’t know how to make pompoms don’t fret, it’s really easy and you can find a good tutorial here.

Do you have some gift wrapping in store for this weekend? I hope a few of these ideas will come in handy.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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