Commemorative Christmas Ornaments

National Christmas Tree. By Chuck Kennedy via

If you celebrate Christmas, decorating the tree becomes a tradition to look forward to. For my family growing up, we usually decorated the tree as part of our overall holiday home decorations, and we would get a set of new tree ornaments when we updated the others.

For many other families, tree decorating is also as much as a celebration of memories and sentimentality, as some ornaments reflect memorable moments and family history. Commemorative ornaments have their own special meaning, imparted by association with a particular milestone. I put together a few interesting commemorative ornaments I came across recently.

White House Christmas Ornament

Many historically significant institutions release their own ornaments every year. In the US, the White House ornament is one that almost the entire country anticipates with excitement every year. Typically the ornament reflects a milestone in the American presidency and American history.

I found this year’s ornament to be well-crafted with a unique and interesting design. The ornament is a memento of President Taft’s family, pictured in the ornament in a vintage car. The ornament commemorates the Taft family as the first “motoring” Presidential family.

Image by Renee Alfonso

National Gallery of Art

Image from the National Gallery of Art

Another Washington Institution that also puts out an ornament every year is the National Gallery of Art. The ornament is inspired by a woodcut by Albrecht Dürer, and consists of a repeated intricate patterns that form a circular design similar to a Christmas wreath.

Monogram and Photo ornaments

Image from Pottery Barn.

Photo ornaments are popular commemorative pieces. This one from Pottery Barn is also monogrammed apart from having a photo, which can give it added meaning. I find that monograms are a simple way to add a decorative personal touch to an otherwise plain design.

Handprint Ornament

Image from Young House Love.

This DIY ornament was probably my favorite of those I found. First Christmases are always special – and what better way to preserve that memory by keeping an imprint? This is seems great personal Christmas project for anyone with young children in their family. It will become a cherished memory for sure!

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite times of year, and is a time to celebrate cherished memories, as well as make new ones. Special ornaments can help keep those memories alive, bringing back them back every year to be celebrated once more.

Happy Holidays!

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