Douglas Coupland at the Daniel Faria Gallery

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Daniel Faria Gallery is a new Toronto gallery space that showcases a number of exciting Canadian artists.  Located in a warehouse space on a mostly residential street this gallery is so nondescript that you might not even know it’s there, but luckily for me it’s in my neighborhood so I was able to pop in earlier this week to see the new Douglas Coupland exhibit.

Sworn to

Fun, Loyal to None, 2011

Fun, Loyal to None, 2011

Canadian art/literary icon Douglas Coupland’s exhibit is called “Welcome to the Twenty-First Century” and it features a number of recent installations and paintings. Coupland’s usual themes of media, pop culture and Canadiana are evident in all of his pieces, but so is his eye for colour and design.

Coupland at the Daniel Faria Gallery in TorontoThompson Pine Experiment, 2012

Coupland's Exhausted Landscape at the Daniel Faria GalleryThe Exhausted Landscape, 2011

Tom Thompson and Lauren Harris of group of seven fame get a redux in a few of the paintings. The Harris-esque arctic landscape pieces are interesting for the way they break colour and shape down into their graphic elements.

A Deep Meditation on Plastic, Douglas Coupland at Daniel Faria GalleryA Deep Meditation on Plastic, Douglas Coupland

Displayed works of Canadian icon Douglas Coupland at Daniel Faria GallerySixteen Slogans for the Early Twenty-First Century, 2011

The installation pieces are the highlights of the show where the humour and social commentary Coupland is best known for really shine. The spacious and clean setting of the Daniel Faria  gallery gives the work room to breathe, allowing the full impact  of the visuals and concepts to come through.

If you live in Toronto you should take a trip to Daniel Faria and check out the Coupland exhibit. The exhibition runs until April 7th, so you have plenty of time.

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday to Friday, 11:00am-6:00pm

Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm

Happy Friday Everyone!

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