Dream Weaver: Kenneth Cobonpue

“Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
And meet me on the other side
Ooh dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night”
– lyrics from “Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright

A Cobonpue-designed sofa

I would like a night spent exploring furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s subconscious.

I am amazed at how he conceives his pieces. Where do they come from? What extremely fecund corner of his whimsical mind? If I could get in there, perhaps I could watch in fascination as objects floating around in his vault of experience–cooking implements, bread, Jedi masters–take on the spark of inspiration and set in motion the mystical process by which he transforms the mundane into magic.

Pendant light

The Noodle Lamp

Would there be gears and hinged forks twirling and twisting some noodles to make a lamp? Or would there be a whispery poof as an empty soda can becomes a couch? And, oh, this dreamer begets more dreamers through his work, for he does make wonderful couches and beds that seem to envelop slumberers in a “cozy cocoon”, perfect for taking flights of fancy.

Canopied bed

Ima Bed

A take on the four-poster bed

Hagia Day Bed

An encapsulated loveseat

The Lolah Capsule

Voyage Crib

Le Petit Voyage Crib

But… Awesome as the prospect of exploring Cobonpue’s mind Inception-style may seem, I best let his creative process alone, hidden in its mysteries, and just enjoy looking at the results.

Visit Kenneth Cobonpue’s website.


Dreamcatcher Stool

Fringe backed sofa

Yoda Sofa

A unique petaled chair

Bloom Chair

March 16, 2011 – Addendum: Check out Kenneth Cobonpue’s Voyage bed, prominently featured in Maroon 5′s music video for their song Never Gonna Leave this Bed.

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