Eat, the Short

It’s Foodie Tuesday!

No it’s not a quote from Bart Simpson.


An Australian travel agency commissioned a trio of young wanderers to go forth into the world and make some of short films. The result was a trilogy of minute-long montages entitled “Eat”, “Learn”, and “Move”.

“Eat” is the first in the series, and appropriately so. Nothing threads together the fabrics of different culture the way food does. The whole of humanity shares the same need for nourishment, but fills it in oh-so-many gorgeous and pleasurable ways. Eat, the short, is a delectable minute that’s filled with best eats to fill your plate with, shot in 11 different countries over the course of 44 days. It is deliciousness on top of deliciousness, punctuated by an equally toothsome young man taking big tasty bites.

The visual feast is a great fun to watch, and achieving the objective of awakening a certain wanderlust in the viewer, a desire to see the world and immerse the senses into the experience.

Check out and enjoy too the other two short films in the series — “Learn” and “Move”.



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