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image via Martha Stewart

You know what they say about finding inspiration in unlikely places? Well, this week’s post is inspired by decorated eggs. I challenged myself to find a room that was inspired by a decorated egg and I was surprised both by the sheer number of techniques there are for egg embellishing, and by how easily these decorated eggs translated to interior design. An egg is after all a blank slate of sorts and that is what many of us start with when we begin a new decorating project. Who’s ready to play ‘From Egg To Room’?

Pretty Doodle Eggsdoodle eggs via Alisa Burke

Black on White Eggs
Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the most effective. These striking eggs are the creation of Alisa Burke. She left them white and drew on them with a sharpie. bright coloured eggs are all fine and dandy but the stark black and white really plays up the simple shape and natural beauty of the egg.

Room by Josef Frank via skonahem

Black on White Room
This fantastically stylish room was designed by Josef Frank. Black and white are a classic decorating combo, but the mix of patterns and the casualness keeps this room looking modern and chic.

eggs dip-dyed in neonneon dip-dyed eggs via oh joy!

Pops of Neon Eggs
These neon dipped eggs look like they belong in a gallery instead of on the brunch table. This is another example of a simple technique having more pop than an elaborate one. Leaving some of the egg white accentuates the bright colours and exaggerates the lines.

Koskela's ShowroomKoskela Showroom via the design files

Pops of Neon Room
Neon is one of those trends that is inescapable in summer fashion this year, but I’ve also noticed it popping up in interior design. Paired with black and white it can bring life and vibrancy to any space.

use onion skins to dye eggsonion skin dyed egg via instructables

Warm and Nature Inspired Egg
There are dozens of ways to colour eggs with natural dyes derived from plants, fruits and vegetables. The European method of dyeing eggs with onion skins is one of my favourites, and with it you can create eggs in hues of brown, red, orange and yellow.

Ken Kelly designed living roomLiving Room by Ken Kelly via hgtv

Warm and Nature Inspired Room
This room utilizes some of the warm, nature-inspired tones from the onion dyed eggs to create an inviting and masculine space. Orange and green accents are the perfect pairing with muted earth tones, and the contrast of the blue painting above the sofa is a nice touch as well.

Pretty pink eggs with silhouettessilhouette eggs via le papier blog

Pink Silhouette Eggs
Using contact paper, le papier has created egg decals featuring sweet silhouettes. Love the pink, but you could do these in any colour I think. This would also be a fun idea for Easter brunch or dinner placeholders, if you made silhouettes of all your guests.

Tamara Robbins Griffith room with silhouettesRoom by Tamara Robbins Griffith via Apartment Therapy

Pink Silhouettes Room
I think you would be hard pressed to find a more girly room; from the pink walls, to the floral pillows and ladylike art. Without the black accents and furnishings this room could be too bubblegum, but instead it manages to be feminine and classy.

decorate your eggs with washi tapeWashi Tape Eggs via bhg

Striped Eggs
Lastly, here is a technique for when you run out of time for egg dying and company is coming in half an hour. Try using washi tape to jazz up a dozen eggs in no time. Stripes lend themselves beautifully to the rounded shape of the egg but you could try any kind of pattern you please.

yellow striped bathroomStriped bathroom via house beautiful

Striped Room
Anyone who has ever tried to paint stripes on a wall knows that it requires a ridiculous amount of time, planning and attention to detail, but the results are so worth it. This stripy bathroom has a bit of circus flair (and I mean that in the best possible sense.) Continuing the stripe up the slope of the wall makes this a much more interesting space and adds drama to a smallish bathroom.

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend. Happy Friday!

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