Escape to the Farm

a horsey swing

riding a horse swing

While we live in a wonderful community, it’s very urban with the ability to walk to pretty much every conceivable amenity and 24 hour public transit at our door should we feel like drifting further afield.  It’s bustling and vibrant and loud and bright, sometimes a little too much so.

Chudleighs apple farm kids barn

a little red barn in a children's sand pit

So it’s nice sometimes to escape to quieter surroundings, where life slows down a little, or at least abides by more natural cues, like sunlight and circadian rhythms.   And there’s no better time of year than now, during mother nature’s greatest production to find yourself in the country:  the stunning colours of leaves in transition, the golden hue of autumnal light, the bountiful harvest.

say cheese goat

Tim asked the goat to smile, so he did

piglets nursing

our little guy laughed and laughed at the piglets snorting while enjoying "boobies"

On Thursday, we packed up the family and drove to the country.  If you’re a born and raised urban dweller like me, I can’t recommend this escape more highly.  If there are little ones around, this will be a most memorable daytrip.  With our little guy, lessons about food supply and environmental care were part of the day’s conversation, addressed ever so naturally between squeals of delight as he frolicked with the friendliest farm animals, in the apple orchard and pumpkin patch and through the playground of hay bales.  It was an idyllic day.

hay play!

hay play!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and truly there was no better way to give gratitude for the harvest, to mother nature, than immersing ourselves in the very fields in which it grows.  We were left with a feeling of peace, joy and warmth, a perfect way to kick off a long weekend about thankfulness.  The annual trip to the farm has quickly become one of our favourite family traditions.

tractor and pumpkins

pumpkins for jacko-lanterns and pe

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! And Happy Monday everyone else.

All photos by Tim.

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