Flying Cute Class: Hello Kitty Air

You would have had to been born under a rock to be unfamiliar with Hello Kitty, the adorable character created by Japan’s Sanrio in 1974.

Hello Kitty in airplane(Photo: Limcorp)

Through brilliant marketing, the company has produced thousands of bright pink Hello Kitty objects for children and adults alike; The Design Tree’s own Nathalie Mariano recently blogged about her past and present interest in the brand’s endearingly cute products.

Hello Kitty Jets by EVA Air(Photo: AirTeamImages via Flight Global)

But the obsession has reached new heights, literally, with the introduction of Hello Kitty planes. Sanrio partnered with Taiwanese EVA Airways to launch three Hello Kitty jets in October, 2011. Obviously it has been a popular move, as a few days ago EVA announced that two more planes will be added to the fleet at the end of the month.

Hello Kitty Boarding Pass Kiosk (Photo: Reuters via Metro UK)

EVA didn’t just stick a few logos on the hulls of their aircraft; passengers can expect a full immersion in Hello Kitty world for the duration of their flight, starting with the check-in kiosks. The blinding mix of pink and bows and stars resembles the bedroom of a twelve year-old. I simply cannot imagine a businessman checking in here!

Hello Kitty boarding passes and luggage tages(Photo EVA Airways via Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi)

During their trip, passengers are introduced to more than 100 specially designed Hello Kitty items, ranging from luggage tags and boarding passes to soap and toilet paper in the washrooms. If this isn’t enough for you, there are also limited edition duty-free products for sale onboard.

Hello Kitty Air seat include Hello kitty pillows and head rests(Photo: EVA Airways via Gumship)

For those not obsessed with pink, the cabins are actually a rather lovely, muted shade of grey. And I think the little cushions are adorable and especially welcome in a time when such amenities are disappearing from other carriers.

Children's Meal on Hello Kitty Air(Photo: EVA Airways via Greasy)

The children’s meals look delightful and the fact that such an item is available speaks in part to EVA’s target audience for this venture. I don’t travel with children, so I am torn about these flights. Will all the memorabilia keep kids entertained (and quiet) or will they run riot like they would at an amusement park?

Not your regular airplane food on Hello Kitty Air(Photo: Popflys)

But EVA hasn’t forgotten the adults onboard. These meals (which I think are for business class) look delectable. Perhaps businessmen in the know will endure the embarrassment of check-in if this is what is waiting for them in transit!

Hello Kitty Air Waiting Area(Photo: If It’s Hip, It’s Here)

The planes run between Taipei, Fukuoka, Narita, Sapporo, Incheon, Hong Kong, and Guam. I’ve never really been the biggest Hello Kitty fan (though I have always wanted the toaster that imprints bread with the a little smiling kitty) but if I was travelling to one of these locations and the price was right, I might give it a try just for novelty’s sake.

Matching Hello Kitty Luggage(Photo: Kitty Hell)

What about you? Is this a dream flight or your worst nightmare come true?

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  1. ile says:

    a pi pequeña le encanta hello kitty

  2. christin asikin says:

    I really wish one day I could fly with EVA Hello kitty Air Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡

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