From Vices to Virtues

It’s Resolution Week at The Design Tree.

It is the time of year when we are more optimistic and eager to wage war with our favorite vices.

For those of us who have won battles with certain bad habits, looking back on our victories may provide us with some of that can-do attitude to sustain us in our struggle to become better versions of ourselves—whether these be in the fight against fat or in the skirmish with sloth.

In the olden days, warriors might have taken a piece of the defeated enemy’s scalp to show off to the villagers, but if smoking, boozing, and uncontrolled spending are the fallen foes, a different kind of trophy may be required to encapsulate our feelings of love and repulsion for them.



A hookah for display only

Just because you don’t smoke ‘em doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own these beautiful contraptions

Ah, tobacco, how I and countless others loved thee, especially in the form of cigarettes—the ol’ reliable nicotine delivery system. I’m pretty sure the creators of the artwork below channeled their old cravings to make these objects that speak loud volumes, using cigarette butts.

US flag made of cigarette butts

Smoke-free” by John Salvest

Stitched scene

It's Not The End of The World (Remember Me) by Sarah Lucas was exhibited at the MoMA.

by Tom Deininger

Cigarette Boxes by Julianne Ahn

“armchair, cigarette, lamp” by


For those who have put their boozing days behind them, here are some great ideas for those empty bottles.


Most of us know what it’s like to have a love-hate relationship with credit cards. It can be pretty burdensome. That’s why getting out of debt is an occasion for celebration—a prudent one! So relish that new-found sense of freedom, break out in song, whip out a guitar solo using these picks cut out from credit cards.

They had you in shackles, now it’s your turn to chain these now-ineffectual plastics to your wrist.

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