Fun and Funky Holiday Cards

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The holidays are in full swing, and Christmas less than a month away! Today it is fairly common to any of us have friends and family who might be spending the holidays away from us, but whom we will always think fondly of especially during this time of year.

Despite digital media being the preferred medium of communication today, there is still something nostalgic, sentimental, and most of all heartwarming about receiving a physical greeting card. A broad range are available today for purchase, but a well-chosen and thoughtfully designed card can be a thoughtful keepsake almost like a present. Here are a few holiday cards that will certainly make your recipient smile!

Seltzer Goods, Image from Paper Source

This simple yet witty card from Seltzer Goods is sure to make your designer friends smile! A hand-painted color wheel is matched to holiday motifs and goods.

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Not to be outdone by specialty paper shops, New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art also has their own holiday card set, and they’re popups! I love the simple white cutouts against bold, festive solid backgrounds and the simple typography for the messages.

Image from Oh Beautiful Paper

Speaking of simple typography – this Hanukkah card represents the holiday and its traditions effectively with absolute minimalism – blue letterpressed type on a white card with the customary Jewish greeting.

Image from Egg Press

This shapely card from Egg Press is a creative take on the concept of the Christmas ornament – paper ornament tags for your gifts!

Image from For Print Only

Good typography, especially in printed form, can convey the simplest wishes and phrases with flair and elegance. This card just does that – with beautiful, flourished type reminiscent of old english book design.

Although it might be easier these days to simply click your mouse or trackpad to send a virtual greeting, there is something about well-crafted printed cards that gives them meaning, especially when accompanied by a handwritten note. Holiday cards are only sent once a year, so why not make them count!

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