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Godzilla Haiku

Having one of those days where you just want to be entertained.  Quickly.  These tumblelogs are sure to make you smile.

Catalog Living

Oooh Gary, I love these new paintings so much, they definitely deserve to be in the prominent display area between the sofa and the wall.

“Decals?” Gary yelled, incredulous that their house didn’t actually overlook a black and white pond and forest preserve.

Images via Catalog Living

Catalog Living takes home decor catalogue images and pairs them with captions from moments of fictional couple Gary and Elaine’s life.  It’s absurdist humour that pokes fun at impractical interior design.

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Image via Feminist Ryan Gosling

The ‘Hey Girl’ meme has gone bonkers on the internet.  But this one makes me laugh while simultaneously flashing back to my university studies.  Also Ryan Gosling apparently does know about the F*uck Yeah Ryan Gosling Tumblr which started all of this. That truly does increase his awesomeness.

T-Rex Trying

So this is just kinda cute to me.  This sort of chronic frustration certainly explains his general ferociousness.

Image via T-Rex Trying Tumblr

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