George Takei, Social Media Maven

You may know him as Lieutenant Sulu from the original Star Trek, but lately George Takei is making news with his social media savvy.  With more than 1.8 million fans on Facebook alone he’s taking over the Internet.

George Takei AKA Sulu

Whether it’s his humour or social activism that draws you in, his place in your newsfeed is sure to brighten your day.  Here’s but a small sampling of all things Takei:

From George Takei's Facebook page - American Game of Thrones

George, with his husband Brad, was recently in Toronto to receive an honour from the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre at the Sakura Ball for his activism work.  At 75 George is busy with advocacy, focusing both on the fight for Gay rights and strengthening Japanese-American relations following his personal story of internment during the Second World War.

image via Legit Print

He’s parlayed this dark and under-explored time in history into a new musical entitled Allegiance. Allegiance follows the Omura family from their home in California to the Heart Mountain internment camp in Wyoming.  The family’s conflict with their experience of the war and internment reflects the broader conflict felt by the country as a whole.  Allegiance opens at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego September 19, 2012 and then hopes to move to Broadway.  You can learn more about it here, including how to lend your support.

There is something about George’s unpretentious sophistication, his humility and humour that attracts folks (that and the whole Sulu thing).  But it’s his social conscious and commitment to equality that makes more than 1.8 millions people think a little harder on Facebook.

All images via George Takei’s Facebook page unless otherwise noted.

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3 Responses to George Takei, Social Media Maven

  1. I think it’s safe to say the majority of viral shares on Facebook that I see originated with George Takei.

  2. Lei Frazier says:

    Mr. Takei has always been with me in some form – from Star Trek when I was little through his puns and social commentary of today – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He has a talent for taking a serious subject and getting his point across to the people in the least offensive way possible. Expect to see me in the crowd when Allegiance comes to San Diego, because I wouldn’t miss out on it.

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