Getting the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

Designer Liza Giles via Decor8

I have to admit I’ve been going a little spend crazy lately and shopping for way too many clothes. I was looking at my recent haul from my latest shop-fest and wondering how many of these items I’ll actually be wearing in a few months time, what I could have lived without, and what I already have in some other incarnation in my closet already. It occurred to me how wasteful I was being (to my wallet and to the planet) and I committed to thinking about my wardrobe a little differently from here on out.

The good thing is the web is populated by inspiring women who are far more resourceful than I could ever be, and they’ve helped me narrow down some guidelines for getting the most out of your clothes. I thought these tips might be helpful to some of you as well.

Coastal Living via house of turquoise

An Organized Closet

It all starts with a well organized closet. If you can’t see it then chances are when it comes time to get dressed in the morning you’re going to forget you even own it, and find yourself spouting the well worn cliche “I don’t have anything to wear”.  The closet pictured above is a great example of keeping all your clothes and accessories visible so you’ll always know what you have and where it is. Clear drawers mean that even t-shirts and sweaters can be seen at all times. For more great pointers check out the closet cleaning tips on Oh Happy Day.

photo by Kendi Everyday

Wardrobe Re-Mix

I became familiar with the concept of wardrobe re-mixing through the blog Kendi Everyday. The idea is simple (wear what you already have) but it has become a fashion movement. In order to participate all you have to do is experiment with pairing items of clothing together that you previously wouldn’t have considered, and using some accessories to turn disparate pieces into a cohesive outfit. If you’re handy with a sewing machine then you can also try refashioning new items out of outdated pieces. There are even flickr groups where you can upload pics of your creations. If you’re interested in taking a re-mix challenge you can try 30 for 30, which means 30 pieces of clothing for thirty days, guidelines can be foud here.

IOU Project

Buy Thoughtfully

Let’s face it, clothes don’t last forever and sometimes we need to replace what’s worn out. I know I am always tempted by a great sale and will sometimes buy things just because a deal is too good to pass up, but if I look at the clothes in my closet that I love and wear the most they tend to be pieces that are better made and of a higher quality. This doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, just buying thoughtfully. Try hitting up a local designer’s trunk show, or a consignment shop if you’re shopping on a budget.  There are also numerous places online where you can find ethically made clothing that is better for the planet and beautifully made. A few of my current favourites are kowtow and the IOU project.

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