Gift Guide for City Lovers

Photographic Print of NYC by EyePoetry

I’m definitely more of a city mouse than a country mouse. I love the vibrancy and variety of living  in a big city, and really couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Lately I’ve been wondering what exactly makes a city great. Fantastic public spaces? Great food and shopping? Museums and Galleries? All of those things are wonderful to have, but I think I would say the best part is the inspiration and endless possibilities that only a city can bring. If you have a city lover in your life here are a few gift ideas that just might strike their fancy.

city print by blancucha

This city scape print is from the etsy seller blancucha who is based out of Madrid. I like the simplicity of this print, and the colours of the skyscrapers are so vivid and cheerful.

Chicago el pillows by ZerobirdStudio

Chicago is definitely at the top of my ‘favourite American cities’ list. I’ve only been there once, but it immediately felt like home. These pillows, silkscreened with images of the el train, are stylish and really capture the essence of the windy city.

City Skyline Scarf by Elk

The skyline of a city often becomes synonymous with the city itself; think of the New York skyline and the skyline of Paris. Now think about turning a skyline into a fantastic fashion accessory and you have this hand drawn skyline scarf by the Australian clothing company Elk. Lovely.

Toronto Subway Print by wordology

If you’re familiar with Toronto then the subway and streetcar stops on this wall scroll will be immediately recognizable. I love this sort of thing; taking the ordinary and giving it a place of significance.

Shanghai City Plate by notNeutral

City Plates are a great way to show your city pride or to commemorate your favourite places to visit. The plate above features a map of Shanghai, but you can also get other cities like Berlin, Montreal, London, Dubai and more.

City Towel by EVRT studio via design sponge

Looking for a hostess gift for a hip urbanite? This city tea towel should fit the bill. A Graphic illustration style and some acid green colour make for a stylish tea towel that any city dweller will love.

NYC stamp set by yellow owl workshop

Little kids and grownup kids alike will delight in this NYC stamp set that allows you to make a mini New York anywhere you like. You can also get stamp sets for Paris, London, San Francisco and others.

If you had to pick one city to call your favourite which one would it be? Hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful. Eek, I can’t believe we are only one month away from Christmas.

Happy Friday Everyone!

2 Responses to Gift Guide for City Lovers

  1. Tracey says:

    Great post! I love the bus/streetcar scrolls that have been turning up everywhere and that Toronto one is the perfect size for the wall in my stairwell.

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