Giving Your Home the Spa Treatment

Image via Contemplations of My Notions

No matter what your profession is, whether you work from home or in an office downtown, it is a challenge to keep the job away from your home life. Here are some touches you can easily add to your home that can create a spa-like atmosphere that is radically different from the daily drudgery, you can’t help but leave the work where it belongs, which is anywhere but home.


Nothing creates ambiance like sound. Do we not use music to set up the mood for a party, for a long drive, or for a romantic dinner? So for your relaxing little nook you can have a fountain that gurgles softly or little wind chime to tinkle gently (i think clay and bamboo chimes make the best sounds).

Dharma chime

Terracotta chimes via India Mike

Even if you are nowhere near the woods or the ocean, you still listen to nature’s soothing sounds — albeit on your music player! Note: Keep the volume low.


There’s something so quiet about diffused brightness of dawn and the soft dim twilight that conditions you for happy thoughts and an easy mood. You can achieve the same effect with muted lighting and candles.

Image from The Spa at Millbrook

Bamboo-inspired garden lights


Light up a stick of incense, or if that’s not your thing, you can use scented candles or aromatherapy pots. Lemongrass and eucalyptus are popular scents.

Image by Declan McCullagh Photography

Lounging furniture

Atmosphere is one thing, actual kicking back and lying down is another. I absolutely love Kenneth Cobonpue’s Mermaid Chair and its two ultra-relaxing configurations.

And I found these beautiful wooden bathtubs by Alegna over at Dornob. My jaw just dropped when I saw these!

Image via Dornob

Scrubs and Soaks

And how about actual spa treatments? Massages would be awesome! Call a masseuse or have your partner give you a backrub. You can also raid the kitchen for some pampering goodies feel really good, and may even make your skin look better.

Make a body scrub out of salt, sugar, and a little olive oil. Mix them in a jar and rub a handful into your skin after a shower. Or try this foot soak from Martha Stewart and give your tired achy feet a well-deserved break.

Image from Bubble Goddess

Unplug Your Psyche

All these are just external ways to help you relax and get your mind off work, but you have to do the mental unplug yourself. There was a great article on Apartment Therapy a couple of weeks ago that was just for this very thing.

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